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Review: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta

★★★★ The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta

Depending on where a person is born and raised creates a unique perspective of childhood. Therefore, seeing an intimate and vivid depiction of childhood from someone in another part of the world can be a truly eye-opening experience. That is the world inhabited in The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur, a whimsical and memorable novel by Priyonkar Dasgupta.…

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Review: The Modern Mughal Mentality by Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi ★★★★

The Modern Mughal MentalityIn this slim volume, India-born business advisor and entrepreneur, Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi presents examples and case studies detailing how Indian businesses have confronted challenges and created successful enterprises, both within India and internationally, using the principles of jugaad.

We are told in the preface that the Indian word jugaad means many things and can be interpreted in many different ways, however Hashmi defines jugaad as “obtaining your objectives by maximizing resources through thinking outside the box.” Not exactly a mind-blowing business concept.…

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An Interview with Author Dr. Afshan N. Hashmi

Dr. Afshan  Naheed HashmiTell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about?

My book is called The Modern Mughal Mentality-New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace.

The Modern Mughal Mentality  transforms hardships and difficulties into success stories by introducing the Jugaad Management Principle Business Model, which can be applied to any business, anywhere.…

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Review: Bangalore Baloney by Thomas Itty

Bangalore Baloney written by Thomas Itty is a story that spans several decades and takes place in several countries. At its core, though, the book is the intimate journey of three young men. Given how personal it feels, one gets the feeling that the author lived many of these experiences.…

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