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SPR at San Diego Comic Fest

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SPR went to the San Diego Comic Fest this weekend, where we came across several self-published authors (see our article on self-published comic books), while sharing a stall with LA-based self-publishing press, New Texture, publishers of “Nu Luna”, a sci-fi novel by Andrew Biscontini and “Weasels Ripped My Flesh”, an anthology of vintage mens comic book adventures, as well as ... Read More »

Author vs. Publisher: It’s a Revolution


A couple of weeks ago, I was cornered by a publisher after an appearance. The point of her rant was how much she could do for me as a publisher. She made her point while poking me in the chest saying, “You should be writing. You shouldn’t be publishing. You should be writing.” But things don't always work out as we have planned. Read More »

An Experiment in Serial Fiction and Self-Publication


At the start of the year, I had an idea for a project. I wanted to write a serialized fiction story in pieces small enough to fit inside a single Tweet. One tiny chunk of narrative prose every day, slowly building an ongoing, real-time story for the audience to piece together. Then every so often, I’d do something a bit ... Read More »

Enterprise Authors: Rethinking the E-Book Revolution


There is something happening in the publishing industry right now. Something seismic. Regular men and women – children even! – are beginning to self-publish. The internet has given them the keys to a once gated empire – and the gatekeepers are not happy. There is a system in place for writers, a proven process that filters “the talentless hacks” from ... Read More »

Hello SPR from Renvyle Blake


Dear Reader, I am newly self published, and like many of you I suspect, keen to get my work to a wider audience. My book, ‘The Himalayan Assignment’ is now available and there are details at www.renvyleblake.com. I will leave the plug at that! I did try to get published, but not very hard. I guess I had a fairly ... Read More »

Building Your Book Audience


No matter how you slice it or how much money you will be paid, leaving the indie road for a corporate career basically means you went from owning your own business to being a temp worker on a short-term contract. Read More »

We’re All Indie This Together – a reply to Dan Holloway


Dan Holloway wrote a very interesting piece questioning the ‘success’ of indie authors. I have a lot of respect and affection for Dan’s work, but he left me scratching my head at one point. For a start, I’m not really sure what ‘indie’ writer means. Nor am I convinced by his distinction between ‘mainstream’ and ‘edgy’. The concepts of ‘underground’ ... Read More »

IndiePub ~ Amanda Hocking Just Might Not Be a Pioneer


I’m going to buck the trend in this blog entry by not rehashing Amanda Hockings’ impressive rocket success on the ePub scene. One might inadvertently take Ms. Hocking for a pioneer on the IndiePub scene, maybe look upon her story as the exception, a first, or a singular phenom. Make no mistake about it – the numbers are a knock-down, ... Read More »