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Elephant Walk (The Brigandshaw Chronicles Book 2) by Peter Rimmer

Elephant Walk (The Brigandshaw Chronicles Book 2) by Peter Rimmer

Elephant Walk (The Brigandshaw Chronicles Book 2) by Peter Rimmer is a rich and entertaining work of historical fiction set in England and Africa. Beginning at the onset of World War I (whereas Book 1 was set in the tail end of the nineteenth century), Elephant Walk finds Harry Brigandshaw settled in the Dorset countryside after graduating Oxford when he ... Read More »

Echoes from the Past by Peter Rimmer

Echoes from the Past by Peter Rimmer

The year is 1887, and Sebastian Brigandshaw is stolen away from his lover, Emily, and forced across the sea in order to allow his older brother to take Emily’s hand instead. Cast into the wild and unknown colonies of Africa, Sebastian becomes one of the white hunters destined to see the bloodiest faces of man as the British face off ... Read More »

Working the Devil by John Hagar

Working the Devil by John Hagar

Working the Devil by John Hagar is a caustic novel about one man’s attempt to bring peace and justice to an indigenous community on a small island called Infierno in the Caribbean. “Infierno” is right (“Hell” in Spanish) as the island is teeming with violence, racism, and a sadistic prison named the Sepulcher. After escaping the island during extreme unrest, ... Read More »

Review: Energy Dependence Day by Christian F. Burton ★ ★ ★ ★

Energy Dependence Day

Energy Dependence Day by Christian Burton is a political thriller about a terrorist attack in the U.S. generated in Saudi Arabia. It follows the lives of many characters, including a detective and the terrorist himself, with a step by step analysis of how an attack is put together. It manages to be both page turning and informative. Most of all, ... Read More »

Review: The Second Crack by Chelo Diaz-Ludden

The Second Crack

The Second Crack, by Chelo Diaz-Ludden, is a thrilling read, keeping the reader on edge until the final page. One week before Christmas, Anne is excited that her twin sister, Suz, will be visiting. Anne, owner of The Bean, a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, is passionate about her business and coffee. The city has proposed building an on-ramp, threatening ... Read More »

Review: On The Money by Tariq Saleim

On The Money

On The Money by Tariq Saleim is a thoughtful story with an interesting theme: The power and balance of money. What is it that makes those from affluent backgrounds take so much for granted, while others work so hard and get nowhere in life? What happens when you have more money than you could possibly need? Asad starts his day ... Read More »

Review: High Andes by Rolf Margenau

High Andes

High Andes is an international thriller with an ambitious and beautiful setting across times. The third book in the Wylie Cypher series, Rolf Margenau’s adventure follows Cypher through his “midlife crisis”, his marriage crumbling and his mind set on a trek across the White Mountains of Peru (the Cordillera Blanca) with his daughter, Mercy, stumbling into the depths of the effects ... Read More »

Review: How the Water Falls by K. P. Kollenborn

When the water falls

History is dominated by people including everyday people. One of the benefits for authors of historical is the ability to bring to life fictional characters set into real life events. This adds a layer of accessibility right from the start and eases the reader into the wonderful world of history. K. P. Kollenborn’s novel How the Water Falls is a ... Read More »