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SPR Podcast With Best-Selling Author Kate Danley

kate danley podcast

Kate Danley’s debut novel, The Woodcutter, was honored with the Garcia Award for the Best Fiction Book of the Year, the 1st Place Fantasy Book in the Reader Views Literary Awards, and the winner of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Recently, it was signed with 47North. In this, the first of a series of podcasts ... Read More »

Interview With Thomas L. Hay


Thomas L. Hay is the author of The Comeback Kid series. The Comeback Kid is the memoirs of Thomas (Tommy) Hay, written from cradle to senior citizen. From a US Navy sailor to an International Airline employee. From puppy love to an International playboy. From marriage to divorce. From UFO’s to alien abductions… So Thomas, please, tell us a bit ... Read More »

An Interview With Ryan Lybeck, Graphic Designer


You never know where a connection may be lurking. I have Moo cards of all my books, with the front cover on one side, in full color and almost exactly the same aspect ratio as the finished book, and my website and email address on the back. I’m far too willing to ask people, after only a few moments of ... Read More »

Bill See Discusses New Coming of Age Memoir “33 Days”

Longtime Los Angeles indie rock musician Bill See just released his new coming of age “docu-drama” memoir “33 Days.”  This is a recent quick Q & A with him from his Miracle Mile home. Q. How did you come to self-publish? Did you try to get published traditionally? A. D.I.Y. is in my blood from putting out my own records, ... Read More »

Author Interview with Myne Whitman by David Wisehart


First published on the Kindle Author Blog by David Wiseheart. I spoke with Myne Whitman, author of A Heart to Mend, about her novel, working with Author House, and self-publishing on Kindle. DAVID WISEHART: What can you tell us about your novel, A Heart to Mend? MYNE WHITMAN: A Heart to Mend narrates a love story and a journey of ... Read More »

Sarah Ettritch – Author Interview


1. How did you come to self-publish? It’s an exciting time for self-publishers right now, especially in the digital arena. Not long ago the traditional route was the clear choice for fiction, but with the rise of online bookstores and now eBooks, it’s a tougher call. Since my book The Salbine Sisters has well-defined target markets, self-publishing was the natural ... Read More »

SPR interviews Mark Coker of Smashwords


For the last century, publishers controlled the means of book production and book distribution. If authors wanted to reach readers, they had no choice but to kneel before the publishing oligopolists who had the power to determine who got published, and what readers read. The system worked fantastically well for the publishers, [. . .] but less well for the authors they published, and even less well for the vast majority of authors who could never gain access to the cliquey club of the published. Read More »