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Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul Larsen

Find Your VOICE As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen provides concise, clear and valuable leadership advice. Without wasting a single word, Paul Larsen delivers a stellar guide to identifying and harnessing your personal skills as a leader, with wisdom that is applicable to a wide variety of power positions.  Find Your VOICE As a Leader presents the wealth of ... Read More »

Review: Leadership Wisdom by Bob Vanourek


★★★★★ Leadership Wisdom: Lessons from Poetry, Prose, and Curious Verse by Bob Vanourek is an enlightening collection of sage and timely advice. Books about leadership and self-improvement seem to be a dime a dozen, which makes it difficult to know who to heed and where the best advice actually comes from. Sidestepping that common failing, Bob Vanourek’s new book, Leadership ... Read More »