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Review: Why Leadership Sucks™ Vol. 2 by Miles Anthony Smith

Why Leadership Sucks Vol. 2 by Miles Anthony Smith

★★★★★ While there are countless books on the subject of smart leadership, and how to improve your abilities as the head of a company, team, community or family, many of these texts seem incomplete, lacking in the more compassionate side of being a role model for others. Perhaps author Miles Anthony Smith recognized this gap, which left room for Why ... Read More »

Review: Leading People Safely by James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow

leading people

★★★★½  If you are interested in learning to better your leadership abilities, utilizing up-to-date safety methods in your working life, and looking to get an edge in your business, then Leading People Safely: How to Win on the Business Battlefield covers all the bases, and then some. James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow introduce us to the world of safe ... Read More »

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul Larsen

Find Your VOICE As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen provides concise, clear and valuable leadership advice. Without wasting a single word, Paul Larsen delivers a stellar guide to identifying and harnessing your personal skills as a leader, with wisdom that is applicable to a wide variety of power positions.  Find Your VOICE As a Leader presents the wealth of ... Read More »

Review: Leadership Wisdom by Bob Vanourek


★★★★★ Leadership Wisdom: Lessons from Poetry, Prose, and Curious Verse by Bob Vanourek is an enlightening collection of sage and timely advice. Books about leadership and self-improvement seem to be a dime a dozen, which makes it difficult to know who to heed and where the best advice actually comes from. Sidestepping that common failing, Bob Vanourek’s new book, Leadership ... Read More »