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Review: The Oarsman by Zubin Mathai

The Oarsman by Zubin Mathai

★★★★★ Many authors attempt to bridge the gap between metaphysical, philosophical and narrative elements, but few succeed as effectively as Zubin Mathai in The Oarsman. This is a novel that stands out of time and space, and brings readers on a surreal journey back up the long river of the Man’s years, a nameless protagonist seeking meaning and validation as ... Read More »

Wayfarers Highway by Peter Petrack

Wayfarers Highway by Peter Petrack

Wayfarers Highway by Peter Petrack is an intriguing and wildly entertaining novel following the life of Orson Gregory, a man who finds a magical gemstone hidden in a factory. He tells the story from a hospital bed about how he’s been on the run ever since – pursued by terrorists, bounty hunters, sinister forces, and more, who are all after ... Read More »

Review: Kingdom’s End by Charles D. Blanchard

Kingdom's End by Charles Blanchard

★★★★ Anthropomorphizing animals in literature is a long and proud tradition, ranging from Watership Down and Animal Farm to the Redwall novels of Brian Jacques, and many others. That being said, it is also very difficult to create an engaging novel based purely on the perspective of animals, and most attempts at this are relegated to the realm of children’s ... Read More »

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot is a literary adventure about Johnny Bartooth who’s dropped a bombshell at 19-years-old – he learns, via a journal brought to him by an aging hippy, about the origin of his parents, who he’s never known. His father once traveled through China and met the beautiful Mei, a doctor tending to his wounds after ... Read More »

Review: The Adversary’s Good News by Israfel Sivad


★★★★ The Adversary’s Good News Israfel Sivad is a surreal, philosophical novel about Christian Michael Anderson who decides to end his life. He’s got the noose ready and aims to go through with it until he has a change of heart at the last minute. Fortunately, he’s rescued from his attempt by a mysterious stranger named Evius, who informs him ... Read More »

Review: Myxocene by Troy Ernest Hill

Myxocene by Troy Ernest Hill

★★★★½ Sarah Bennett is many things: a writer, a scientist, and a mother. Her day job freelancing as a science writer has her meeting with the pioneers of future knowledge, although she doesn’t always find herself toward the cutting edge. When she interviews one Dr. Ronald Keating on the subject of the Chernobyl disaster, Sarah unwittingly enters a whole new ... Read More »

Review: Kai by Derek Vasconi ★★★★★

Kai by Derek Vasconi

The disconcerting tale of Kai by Derek Vasconi follows the harbored Satsuki Takamoto, a girl living through a downward spiral of social exclusion, universal envy and ever-deepening depression; in comparison, Seul Bi Rissiello – a resident of Evanston, Illinois – is caring for the mentally ill as she strives for meaning in her life after the brutal loss of her ... Read More »

Warning’s Wane by Jaclyn Little

Warning's Wane by Jaclyn Little

Warning’s Wane by Jaclyn Little is an inventive and moving literary novel about a strange world where touching someone makes both people disappear. Paul Danniers and his wife, Colleen, move to the town of Praxia Island, off the coast of Maine, and finds the residents terrified of disappearing, and fearing each other. Warning’s Wane is a meditation on intimacy and ... Read More »