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Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot

Bright Moon Ridge by Linus Treefoot is a literary adventure about Johnny Bartooth who’s dropped a bombshell at 19-years-old – he learns, via a journal brought to him by an aging hippy, about the origin of his parents, who he’s never known. His father once traveled through China and met the beautiful Mei, a doctor tending to his wounds after ... Read More »

Review: The Adversary’s Good News by Israfel Sivad


★★★★ The Adversary’s Good News Israfel Sivad is a surreal, philosophical novel about Christian Michael Anderson who decides to end his life. He’s got the noose ready and aims to go through with it until he has a change of heart at the last minute. Fortunately, he’s rescued from his attempt by a mysterious stranger named Evius, who informs him ... Read More »

Review: Myxocene by Troy Ernest Hill

Myxocene by Troy Ernest Hill

★★★★½ Sarah Bennett is many things: a writer, a scientist, and a mother. Her day job freelancing as a science writer has her meeting with the pioneers of future knowledge, although she doesn’t always find herself toward the cutting edge. When she interviews one Dr. Ronald Keating on the subject of the Chernobyl disaster, Sarah unwittingly enters a whole new ... Read More »

Review: Kai by Derek Vasconi ★★★★★

Kai by Derek Vasconi

The disconcerting tale of Kai by Derek Vasconi follows the harbored Satsuki Takamoto, a girl living through a downward spiral of social exclusion, universal envy and ever-deepening depression; in comparison, Seul Bi Rissiello – a resident of Evanston, Illinois – is caring for the mentally ill as she strives for meaning in her life after the brutal loss of her ... Read More »

Warning’s Wane by Jaclyn Little

Warning's Wane by Jaclyn Little

Warning’s Wane by Jaclyn Little is an inventive and moving literary novel about a strange world where touching someone makes both people disappear. Paul Danniers and his wife, Colleen, move to the town of Praxia Island, off the coast of Maine, and finds the residents terrified of disappearing, and fearing each other. Warning’s Wane is a meditation on intimacy and ... Read More »

Review: Angels Play Pianos by Pat Estelle

Angels Play Pianos by Pat Estelle

★★★½ Angels Play Pianos by Pat Estelle tells the story of Jimmy, a child prodigy who is able to play Beethoven flawlessly at the age of five. Tragically, the book begins with his death, but the novel tells the tale of hope among the hardship of a troubled family. The prose in Angels Play Pianos has a quiet grace – ... Read More »

Review: Fortune 69 by David Heath ★★★★

Fortune 69 by David Heath

Content warning for depictions of suicide and sexual abuse. On the Internet, there is a website that caters to every depraved and bizarre interest on the planet, mundane or otherwise. Like the Wild West of old, there are no rules, except that you never let what happens there cross into real life. Here on the anonymized “Fortune 69” dot com, ... Read More »

Review: Driving in Circles by Rita D’Orazio

Driving in Circles by Rita D’Orazio

★★★★½ Driving in Circles, by Rita D’Orazio, is an intriguing story that revolves around one family and their secrets. Henry and Cynthia Jones are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary by going on a ten-day cruise. They decide to bring along their three daughters and one son-in-law. What could go wrong? Plenty. After two days, the youngest daughter leaves mysteriously. Jat ... Read More »