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Review: Miss Matched At Midlife by Rebecca Brockway

Rebecca Lead

★★★★★ For women of a certain age the prospect of dating can be social whirl of a nightmare. But when Rebecca Brockway found herself single in her 40s, she documented her next decade of dating experiences in a humorous memoir, “Miss Matched At Midlife” with a positively can-do attitude. After her marriage of 17 years ended with four kids in ... Read More »

Review: She Let Go of My Hand by John D. Wattson

She Let Go of My Hand: A Father's Memoir of His Divorce Journey

★★★★ She Let Go of My Hand: A Father’s Memoir of His Divorce Journey by John D. Wattson is a heartbreaking and honest tale of troubled times. The hard truth that relationships take time and effort should come as no surprise to any reader, but rarely is the brutal collapse of a marriage put on such bold display. In She ... Read More »

Review: Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman


★★★★½ Crowning Glory: An Experiment in Self-Discovery Through Disguise by Stacy Harshman is an original and laugh-out-loud memoir. Stacy Harshman, an unemployed musician and artist, decides to embark on an experiment in hopes of coming to terms with her crippling depression, panic attacks, and psychotic breaks. The project involves wearing different wigs and eye-catching outfits. Harshman hires an assistant to ... Read More »

Review: God in My Head by Josh Grisetti

God in My Head by Josh Grisetti

★★★★½ God in My Head by Josh Grisetti is an honest and occasionally irreverent look at religion and the existence of God. There has been a growing market for “spiritual tourism” books in recent years, particularly as religion once again comes to the forefront of our political and cultural attention. God in My Head, an unexpectedly poignant memoir from Josh ... Read More »

Stumbling Toward the Buddha by Dawn Downey

Stumbling Toward the Buddha by Dawn Downey

Stumbling Toward the Buddha by Dawn Downey is a collection of interconnected essays about finding “enlightenment” in the modern world. Refreshingly honest, and filled with self-deprecating humor, Downey is not afraid to admit her faults, as well as delve into her painful past, to fully understand herself and the world around her. Though the book is touted as more of ... Read More »

F*ck This Sh*t by Zed Dee

zed dee 2

F*ck This Sh*t by Zed Dee is a novella-length memoir about a man in Singapore approaching thirty who’s still a virgin and struggling with autism, diagnosed late in his life. He finally ends up going to a selection of prostitutes and sex therapists, who cannot seem to help him, as his sexual dysfunction goes beyond his virginity. Dee cannot enjoy sex ... Read More »

Review: The World We Left Behind by John R. Morris

The World We Left Behind by John Morris

★★★★½ John Morris needs a change in his life. His relationship ends, and his job bores him witless. He is searching for something to fill the gap. Could a life-affirming hike along the Appalachian Trail’s 2000-plus miles be the answer? Inspired by his father’s experience of having hiked a stretch of the now legendary trail (and wanting to achieve something ... Read More »

Review: Fixed by Doug Piotter

Fixed by Doug Piotter

★★★★ Doug Piotter’s memoir, Fixed: dope sacks, dye packs and the long welcome back, is an eye-opening account of the author’s dysfunctional and seemingly hopeless existence as a young man. Fueled by almost every illegal substance known to man, he stumbles through bank robberies, drug rehab, and has many encounters with a whole host of crazy characters. When he starts his ... Read More »