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Magical Eyes: Dawn of the Sand by Jessica D’Agostini

Magical Eyes: Dawn of the SandPrincess Martina lives in the kingdom of Brightalia where magic is forbidden, yet she’s gifted with magical abilities. Her secret might be safe, except her brother has it out for her. When tragedy befalls the royal palace, the princess might need to reconcile with her brother in order to save the kingdom, only he has sinister intentions of his own.…

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The Emperor Returns by William Durkin and Shayne Durkin

TERIn 2014, a ten-year-old girl asked her father if he could assist her in writing a book. That book was Emperor Norton’s Treasure Hunt, a “real life adventure” based in 1950s San Francisco – a local paper devises a treasure hunt with clues in their publication in order to boost sales and win the war for newspaper supremacy in the city.…

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Review: Stumbling On A Tale (Time to Time #2) by Suzanne Roche

★★★★½ Stumbling on a Tale by Suzanne Roche

It all started with a book. Now three siblings are stuck together, traveling through time, once again…whether they like it or not.

Join Peri, Henry, and Max – two siblings and a half, in reverse order – as they make their way from the high spirits and high seas of an immigration ship en route to New York, and on to new adventures in the Middle Ages.…

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The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly by Christina Steiner

The Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly by Christina SteinerThe Fantastic Travels of William and the Monarch Butterfly: Fly, Fly Away on the Wings of a Monarch Butterfly by Christina Steiner is about a young boy named William, a born explorer, who one day meets a talking butterfly named Anka and shrinks down to her size, then flies away with her as she makes her migration down south from North Dakota.…

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Review: The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan

★★★★½ The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan

The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan is a horror story collection, with ten stories for “anyone who was ever young.” This extremely brief description is surprisingly effective at summarizing the piece; the collection is meant for the slightly younger scare-fans out there, though with just as much for an older reader to enjoy.…

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Review: Olga by Ted Kelsey ★★★★★

Olga by Ted KelseyOlga, written by Ted Kelsey and illustrated by Dillon Samuelson, is an exciting novel for children that will captivate readers of all ages.

Jack and Sally are typical twelve-year-olds who experience the most extraordinary journey when they see a strange figure dancing in a dark field near their homes. …

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Puzzle Trees by Thom Mark Shepard

puzzle treesPuzzle Trees by Thom Mark Shepard is an entertaining coming of age novel with a bit of horror thrown into the mix. Joe Sheffield is an awkward but thoughtful high school freshman whose best friends move away. Entering high school is hard enough without having to tackle it alone.…

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