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Review: Addicted to Love by Kathleen Murray

★★★½Addicted to Love by Kathleen Murray

Addicted to Love by Kathleen Murray is a new adult novel that explores the concept of learning to accept oneself.

Sally Smithfield lives in a Chicago North Shore suburb in the 1970s. The novel chronicles Sally’s life from childhood to her adult years showing the devastating and long-lasting effects of child abuse, family secrets, love, and loss.…

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Review: Forbidden Heat (Firework Girls Book 1) by J.L. White

★★★★½ Forbidden Heat by J. L. White

Forbidden Heat by J.L. White is a steamy romance that’s hard to put down.

Isabella wants to be a scientist. During her last year of college, Isabella learns she needs to take a philosophy class to fulfill all her requirements.…

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Review: Discovering Kaylee by Stu Kane and Hannah Wilkerson

★★★★ Discovering Kaylee by Stu Kane and Hannah Wilkerson

Discovering Kaylee, by Stu Kane and Hannah Wilkerson, is an angst-filled teenage drama that will hold the reader’s interest until the end.

Kaylee, a high school junior, is popular and successful. She has good grades, friends, drive, and is attractive.…

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3volve by Josefina Gutierrez

3volve by Josefina Gutierrez3volve by Josefina Gutierrez is the spirited and engaging New Adult novel about Cristal Escobedo, an almost-dysfunctional twenty-two-year-old who has to grow up very fast taking care of her two younger brothers. She’s also got this problem of falling for her best friend.…

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Review: Just Pru by Anne Pfeffer ★★★★★

Just PruJust Pru, by Anne Pfeffer, is a laugh out loud, heartwarming story about a twenty-five-year-old woman named Prudence Anderson.

Prudence hates her name, and prefers being called Pru. One night, while sitting in her apartment in Los Angeles watching television, a fire erupts in her building and she has to be evacuated.…

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Review: Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer

Anne Pfeffer, the author of Girls Love Travis Walker, is working in a relatively new niche in publishing, the New Adult genre. New Adult novels are aimed at readers from ages 18 to early-20s or so, and tend to feature characters of the same age in situations common to college students and/or people who are just beginning to create lives independent of their parents.…

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