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Review: The You in You by Wilbert Hunt

★★★★ The You in You by Wilbert Hunt

Human beings have long been fascinated by the idea of something beyond this world; whether you want to call it the afterlife, a higher consciousness or even another dimension, it perennially intrigues the imagination. In The You in You, author Wilbert Hunt explains his own relationship to this other realm, accessed through out-of-body experiences.…

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Review: The Divine Manual by Dr. Wallace Ching

The Divine ManualAre you having issues in your life? Do you feel stuck in your career? Marital problems? Do you work hard, but you can never make ends meet? These are just a few examples of what could be going haywire in your life.…

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Review: Dancing with Duality by Stella Vance

Once in a while you stumble across a person who’s actually lived the life some have fantasized about but never had the courage to pursue. Stella Vance is one of those. She’s lived and worked in several countries all over the globe, enjoyed searching through myriad philosophies and religions of life, and experienced love in a number of satisfying, if not all permanent, relationships.…

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