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Review: No More Magic Wands by George Finney

★★★★ No More Magic Wands by George Finney

For most professionals not directly involved in the realm of cybersecurity, reading a book on the topic might sound like a cruel and unusual form of punishment. However, the reality is that everyone who regularly uses technology, social media, wireless internet and other staples of modern life should have some modicum of understanding of the issue.…

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Review: The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence by Leona Evans with Matthew J. Evans

★★★★★ The Evolving Peacemaker by Leona Evans

It is rare for a book to seem “perfect” for an era or moment in history, and while the concept of nonviolence is far from modern, The Evolving Peacemaker is a book desperately needed by the present generation. Author Leona Evans takes a wise and comprehensive look at every angle of nonviolence – from protests and politics to peace and personal reflection.…

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Review: Evolution on Trial by Anonymous

★★★★ Evolution on Trial by Anonymous

Although many academics and scholars would argue that the debate over evolutionary theory is over, there are also those who believe that this Revolutionary “theory” should still be questioned. In the aptly named Evolution on Trial, the book’s anonymous author presents the case for both sides, and does so with strongly stated “non-bias.” However, it becomes apparent within the first few chapters that the author doesn’t believe that evolution is true, and the writing has undercurrents of this doubt from the very first page.…

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Review: Always Picked Last by Kevin Kearns

★★★★ Always Picked Last by Kevin Kearns

Most authors write in order to tell a story that is bottled up inside – whether it is fiction or not. In many cases, the story they need to tell is some version of their own life, because they believe that it will be interesting, helpful, or even cathartic – both to readers and themselves.…

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Review: How To Reverse World Recession by Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan

★★★ reverse recession

How To Reverse World Recession by Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan is an ambitious and unique vision of the future.

For readers who are experienced or interested in tax law, banking, governmental activities, economics, poverty conditions, and a dozen other major issues affecting the world today, this bold new book from Dr.…

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Review: Miss Matched At Midlife by Rebecca Brockway


For women of a certain age the prospect of dating can be social whirl of a nightmare. But when Rebecca Brockway found herself single in her 40s, she documented her next decade of dating experiences in a humorous memoir, “Miss Matched At Midlife” with a positively can-do attitude.…

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Review: Strangers I Have Known by Melissa Kotler Schwartz

★★★★★ Strangers I Have Known by Melissa Schwartz

When people think back on the story of their lives, the “main characters” are typically family members, friends, lovers, children, co-workers and the myriad other people who receive Christmas cards or occasional texts. However, a large portion of our time as human beings consists of interactions with strangers.…

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The Air Force’s Black Ceiling by Ivan Thompson

The Air Force's Black Curtain by Ivan ThompsonThe basic premise of The Air Force’s Black Ceiling is startling all by itself – that there is systemically programmed racism in the United States Air Force that keeps African-American servicemen from rising in the ranks. With this as the stated phenomenon that the author is seeking to explore, Ivan Thompson delves deeply into the history of this particular military branch, attempting to find an explanation or origin of this measurable truth present in the Air Force.…

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