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Review: The Bleaklisted Books by David M Brown & Donna Brown

Bleaklisted BooksThe Bleaklisted Books is a sarcastic and original book that tells how one cat really feels about literary masterpieces.

Charlie, the cat, decides to become a book critic to determine which books should be bleaklisted. What does bleaklisted mean? According to the introduction, “Bleaklisting is simply an offshoot of the well-known word ‘blacklisting.’” Charlie, who thinks he’s as powerful as Napoleon Bonaparte, doesn’t really like books and he really dislikes books that don’t feature him.…

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Review: Becoming Generation Flux by Miles Anthony Smith

generation fluxThe invention of retirement and myth of life-long employment are lies that we have accepted as fact, and until recently, have held mostly true.

Becoming Generation Flux: Why Traditional Career Planning is Dead: How to be Agile, Adapt to Ambiguity, and Develop Resilience by Miles Anthony Smith is an eye-opening business book.…

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Review: S3 – Science, Statistics and Skepticism by Fourat Janabi

Fourat Janabi’s passionate and entertaining look at the 3 pressing S’s of this universe: Science, Statistics and Skepticism, is,  as the subtitle to this work testifies, an art of differentiation.

In this age of memes and virals on Facebook – which always seem to me to be the blind leading the blind – telling us how bad GMO crops, vaccines and theories of evolution are, Janabi once again pulls up a chair and takes a really hard look at something most people “liking” memes on Facebook don’t do – facts from qualified and independent scientists on the subjects that lately have come up as dinner party discussions lately in the modern hemisphere.…

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