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Review: Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik

★★★½ Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik

Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik fits into a category all its own  – one could call it paranormal science mixed with some romance. Sami has just long his young wife, a woman with a turbulent past. Meanwhile, Noah Braxton is working on a scientific experiment, which leads to some unpredictable results – the main outcome is loved ones coming back from the dead in a nearby park.…

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Review: The Gertrude Threshold by Christopher Brooks

TheGertrudeThresholdWhat would happen if it were the last day on Earth? In The Gertrude Threshold by Christopher Brooks, a scientific formula named after its creator calculates to the day the last moments of global warming: when Earth crosses that threshold, Earth will burn up taking those last human beings left, who are living in brown tubes underground, with Her.…

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Review: Left Unspoken by Brendan Cox

“I just wanted to see what was simply hidden by their shame.  I just wanted to see what they did when the forces of the social world weren’t constraining them.”

Brendan Cox’s Left Unspoken is not your everyday novella.  When Raymond “Ray” Cobley was six years old he learned that his parents agreed to have everything he says recorded. …

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Review: Carlos the Impossible by J.T.K. Belle

In this short but elegant novella, an aging matador from Mexico meets his greatest adversary in an infamous bull from the American heartland. Inspired by traditional folk tales, the author sets his story in an indeterminate time period, spinning a legend all his own with the compassion and verve of a born storyteller.…

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