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Review: Biological Youth by Todd Ewing, Ph.D.

★★★★½ Biological Youth: Reverse the Aging Process Naturally with Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep

In Biological Youth, the first book of the Total Recovery series, author Todd Ewing, Ph.D. introduces readers to his unique approach for improving overall health. While many health books focus on the dual nature of health – body and mind, diet and exercise, etc.…

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Review: The Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert ★★★★

The Busy Executive DietThe Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert is a conveniently-planned and well-researched guide book to eating healthily while maintaining a hectic professional lifestyle including how to eat on the go while traveling and how to lose weight and stay hydrated. While a lot of offices now provide buffet breakfast with unhealthy cake and loads of strong coffee, it’s interesting to see how exactly it might be possible to cope with a modern lifestyle without resorting to that all-important sugar/caffeine combo we all have become dependent upon.…

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