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Review: The Policewoman by Justin W.M. Roberts

★★★★ The Policewoman by Justin Roberts

Most novels set in the future have some element of distance to them, where the technological advancement or dystopian elements are so far removed from the present that the book becomes escapist in nature. However, there are also those books, like The Policewoman by Justin Roberts, that paint a portrait of the world that may lie in our not-so-distant future.…

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Review: Next of Kin by Melissa M. Garcia ★★★★

Next of Kin by Melissa M. GarciaNext of Kin: Death Valley Mystery Book 2, by Melissa M. Garcia, is a thrilling police procedural that’ll keep you guessing.

Lake City isn’t accustomed to multiple murder investigations. When Will Stellar, a homicide detective, is called to a crime scene he’s shocked to discover the victim is a childhood friend.…

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