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Review: Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

★★★★½ Terrorist attacks, car chases, secret weapon research, a rugged hero and a determined doctor are just a few of the highlights in Vector, the addictive new thriller from Michael Shusko. The mysteries begin piling up early on, and the action-packed opening scenes grab readers by the throat and refuse to let go. Lee Jansen and Emma Hess make quite ... Read More »

Review: The People’s House by David Pepper

The People's House by David Pepper

★★★★ The idea of corruption in government is hardly a novel thought, and it has been tackled from every imaginable angle, but in these hyper-charged modern times, a bit of escapism to an even more tangled world can be a treat. In The People’s House by David Pepper, an unlikely reporter has one final shot at a career-making scoop, and ... Read More »

Review: Power and Control by Ralph Leaton White


Ralph White’s debut novel, Power and Control, a political thriller that takes place in the near future, begins shortly after a cataclysmic Christmas Day that saw entire towns and villages in 19 countries totally wiped out by chemical or biological attacks. The “Earth Cleansers,” who have taken responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, send messages to eight powerful ... Read More »