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Review: Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

★★★★½ Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

Terrorist attacks, car chases, secret weapon research, a rugged hero and a determined doctor are just a few of the highlights in Vector, the addictive new thriller from Michael Shusko. The mysteries begin piling up early on, and the action-packed opening scenes grab readers by the throat and refuse to let go.…

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Review: The People’s House by David Pepper

★★★★ The People's House by David Pepper

The idea of corruption in government is hardly a novel thought, and it has been tackled from every imaginable angle, but in these hyper-charged modern times, a bit of escapism to an even more tangled world can be a treat.…

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Review: Power and Control by Ralph Leaton White

Ralph White’s debut novel, Power and Control, a political thriller that takes place in the near future, begins shortly after a cataclysmic Christmas Day that saw entire towns and villages in 19 countries totally wiped out by chemical or biological attacks.…

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