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Rescuing America’s Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality by Savannah Jordan

Rescuing America's Democracy From Its Collapsing MoralityRescuing America’s Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality by Savannah Jordan is a polemic about how America has gotten off the path of helping all of its citizens. In a culture that is seeped in celebrity worship, drug abuse, homelessness, and a litany of other problems that are not being adequately addressed, something is seriously amiss.…

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Fracktured by Lance Simmens

Fracktured by Lance SimmensFracktured by Lance Simmens is a political novel following the lives of three people: a politician and his wife, and a madam, all trying to navigate a world in which the political system is broken, affecting all our lives. Primarily, the book centers around the fossil fuel industry, and society’s addiction to oil.…

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Review: American Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture by Stephen James

★★★★½ American Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture

American Stew by Stephen James is a portrait of America that’s at once hopeless and full of promise. Chapter by chapter James attempts to diagnose America’s problems on a cultural level – sociological, psychological, and anthropological – rather than dealing with policy.…

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Review: Nuclear Affairs by J. Albert Griffiths ★★★★

Nuclear Affairs by J. Albert GriffithsSet in 1952, Nuclear Affairs is the debut novel of author J. Albert Griffiths that explores the new and terrifying world of early post-nuclear global politics. As the US military struggles to understand and manage its own nuclear research in the first decade of the Cold War, the newly-formed United States Air Force bears numerous burgeoning roles in its struggle for legitimacy.…

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Review: Off the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian Courtney ★★★★

Off the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian CourtneyOff the Grid: The Catalyst by Brian Courtney is the account of a period of the life of Pan, a man self-exiled to a life of filth, often literal as well as social. By choice, he lives “off-the-grid,” waiting in quiet, medicated terror from the corporate horrors at play – as well as those still to come – for the ignorant American masses as terrible conspiracies come to fruition beneath the surface of America, and fray the fabric of free society.…

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Lies, Lies and More Lies by Vivek

vivekIn Lies, Lies and More Lies, author Vivek sets out to prove that Hindutva is an ideology that doesn’t equate to Hindu fundamentalism. He states in the preface that he is frequently asked: “Does a billion-strong community really need protection?” He says yes they do, and his essays demonstrate why the author believes Hindus need protection, and how Hindutva “remains the sole bulwark against the spreading Islamic fundamentalism in South Asia.” Furthermore, according to the author, the English-language media has an agenda to vilify Hindutva.…

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Review: Sign It Into Law: How To Put Your Petition On The Ballot by Victoria Stoklasa

Sometimes we forget that our responsibility as citizens requires more than simply voting from time to time (often only in congressional and presidential elections) and then sitting back and complaining about the results. This hands-mostly-off approach to democracy has resulted in our thinking of government as “Them,” when it really is—or at least should be—”Us.”

George Bernard Shaw quipped, “Democracy is a device that insures that we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” Stoklasa’s small manual helps citizens make sure that what we deserve is better than what we’ve come to expect.…

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