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Why We Write About 9/11

9/11It was a balmy day in September. I was in London, working in a digital studio, churning out tabards and display signs on Photoshop for conferences. Standing next to me was a woman who was flying out that afternoon to present a new credit card to her colleagues at Morgan Stanley in New York, based in the South Tower of the World Trade Center, waiting for me to print her last display image.…

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Titan by Michael Van Cleve

Titan by Michael Van CleveTitan by Michael Van Cleve is more than your usual post-apocalyptic novel. Though the blurb makes it seem like standard fare of surviving a nuclear holocaust and its after-effects, Titan veers more into science fiction than naturalistic post-apocalyptic wasteland, as the family at the heart of this novel has to fare a rise of a mutant population – the after-effects of radiation.…

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Review: Tesla Evolution (Box Set) by Mark Lingane

★★★★★ Tesla Evolution by Mark Lingane

In the far-flung future, long after society as we know it has withered and decayed into only unremembered remnants, humanity will rise again from the ashes of the old. But we are not alone. Legends will tell of a mere orphan, Sebastian, who grew from obscurity into a hero of the wastes, who discovered his true talents under the keen eye of his teacher at the Academy,  and gave everything for the strange, yet beautiful world he came to understand.…

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