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Ten Ways To Publicize Your Book You May Not Have Thought Of

New Texture authors, San Diego, 2013

You’ve tried putting your book on all the usual sites, getting reviews and talking about it on forums and still you aren’t getting the sales you imagined. What can you do to improve this situation? Here are ten lesser-known insider ways to publicize your book. 1. Engagement, engagement, engagement It’s not going to be enough to rock out a load ... Read More »

Self-Publishing Can Be Just As Creative As Writing

I could say creative writing is right-brained and publishing is left-brained; writing is artistic, publishing all business. I could say that and I’ve heard it said by some “experts” but, even though I did just say it, my experience of both realms forces me to say it ain’t so. For twenty-some years I wrote creatively and paid scant attention to ... Read More »

Publishing Progress – The Highs and the Lows…


Writers, almost all of them, want to be published. Not so many years ago, the only way to be published that let the multitudes receive your work was to find an agent and have them present your work to editors who then might decide to work with you toward publishing. There are many stories of writers’ works being published in ... Read More »

Free eBook Submission Tool

free ebook promotion

Though giving away your books has come with mixed success (see our post on free eBook promotions), it is still common practice for many self-publishers. This handy tool from Author Marketing Club puts all of the free submission services in one place.                   If you would like a book review click here ... Read More »

Reader, Writer, Publisher ~ Wearing Three Hats Can Be Dangerous

Three hats

Do I really mean that being a reader/writer/publisher is dangerous? Well, when I look at the word history of dangerous, I see that it comes from roots that mean the power of a lord… And, “lord” comes from roots that mean “one who guards the bread”… So, yes, if you’re contemplating using your experience as a reader to power your ... Read More »

A New Author Resource: Pay-With-A-Tweet


Raise your hand if you’re guilty… I’m raising my hand, both actually, because I’m totally, 100% guilty… …of wanting free stuff. Free gift with purchase? I’m so there! Free samples at Sams? Get in line. Free reads? You know it! I’ve discovered an awesome way to share digital content with readers in a way that doesn’t cost them a dime and yet gives the ... Read More »

One Book – One Gazillion Reactions…


It’s only a little over three months before I publish my first novel. I’ve known from my other writings that people can vary widely in their response to any given set of words. Even calling my next book a novel has varying reactions. It will top-out at about 45,000 words. Many people will tell you that a “novel” has to ... Read More »