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Review: The Favorite by Franklyn C. Thomas


Second chances are rare, no matter how much a person wants them. When Michael Dane is given a second chance he has to make the toughest decision in his life. What’s the decision? You have to read The Favorite to find out. It may shock you. Michael Dane is a fighter who has a shot at becoming the IBF Light-Heavyweight ... Read More »

Review: Rise Against The Game By Tia Reiss

Tia Reiss

At least since the first Taoist masters cavorted in China’s misty mountains, people have been trying to find ways to live more authentic and joyful lives. They have been trying with varying degrees of success to work out just what it takes to be free. In this short, punchy essay, Tia Reiss, a certified yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and Reiki ... Read More »

Review: The Woodpecker Menace By Ted Olinger


This charming slice of life from autobiographical writer Ted Olinger, set in Washington State’s Key Peninsula at the bottom of Puget Sound, is truly flavorful. Beautifully illustrated with scrawly ink blot style drawings from whimsily-named local artist Tweed Meyer, Ted Olinger has managed something rare and magical – to capture not only his own life in miniature, but that of ... Read More »

Review: The Nothing Place by Jesse Relkin

The Nothing Place - Relkin

This ambitious first novel by Jesse Relkin begins with 16-year-old Max arriving in Los Angeles from his hometown of Bend, Oregon to enter an in-patient drug rehabilitation facility. For the few days before he is due to report to rehab, Max stays with his Aunt Mercedes, her children, Erin and Mikey, and their nanny, Shannon. Max is determined to make ... Read More »