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How A Professional Reviewer Reviews Your Book

Professional Reviewer

At SPR we’ve been reviewing books for nearly a decade. Here, we talk about how we review a book, and answer some of the most burning questions authors have. Book Policy When a book comes in for review, the first thing we check is that it meets our book policy. We do this by reading the synopsis and then scanning ... Read More »

All About Reviews and Amazon – A Quick Guide and Rules


There’s been some panic in the self-publishing streets about reviews being removed from Amazon and who is going to get sued for their reviews – and a lot of outrage blogging about Evil Amazon. Here’s a quick guide to why you should stop worrying too much and start understanding the different types of book reviews a little better. Firstly, there ... Read More »

Why Amazon Reviews Just Aren’t Enough


With the fall in prices for trad published books, the indie Kindle goldrush may be over, so Cate Baum looks into Amazon’s algorithm and how its search engine works for authors and their books – and why Amazon reviews are not enough to sell a book – and maybe never have been. There’s a lot of misinformation around about paid ... Read More »

SPR Launches New Service, The Bookshelf

SPR Bookshelf

 The Bookshelf ($25) * FREE* when you purchase a SPR Lead Story Book Review The Bookshelf is a new service that lists your book on a permanent webpage so you don’t have to build one, with as many online retailer links as you want including Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Amazon, Alibris, Joe’s Books etc. as well as feeding your ... Read More »

Why One-Star Reviews Matter


The most trusted form of criticism for consumers on the internet is now the consumer review. Hailed as SEO gold by Google, these reviews are popping up all over the joint due to rich snippets, which I will explain in my next post in more detail. In fact, 63% of consumers now buy products not based on the review, but ... Read More »

The Dark Side of Reviews


In the past, I’ve blogged my thoughts about the review process, and I’m at it again. It’s the wonderful experience when publishing a book. Every author, whether self-published or traditional, has a star-filled future from one to five. After being in the public eye since 2008, I’ve come to one conclusion. The entire review process is so – what’s the ... Read More »