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How A Professional Reviewer Reviews Your Book

Professional ReviewerAt SPR we’ve been reviewing books for nearly a decade. Here, we talk about how we review a book, and answer some of the most burning questions authors have.

Book Policy

When a book comes in for review, the first thing we check is that it meets our book policy.…

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All About Reviews and Amazon – A Quick Guide and Rules

do-not-panic-buttonThere’s been some panic in the self-publishing streets about reviews being removed from Amazon and who is going to get sued for their reviews – and a lot of outrage blogging about Evil Amazon. Here’s a quick guide to why you should stop worrying too much and start understanding the different types of book reviews a little better.

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SPR Launches New Service, The Bookshelf

SPR Bookshelf

 The Bookshelf ($25) * FREE* when you purchase a SPR Lead Story Book Review

The Bookshelf is a new service that lists your book on a permanent webpage so you don’t have to build one, with as many online retailer links as you want including Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Amazon, Alibris, Joe’s Books etc.…

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Review: The Book of Supplement Secrets by Tim Mielke

supplement secretsThe Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements is written by Tim Mielke, a bodybuilding expert with years of first-hand nutritional supplements experience under his belt, and a body to prove they work.

Did you know your body stops producing essential amino acids under stress?…

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Review: Lightworker: The Unique Souls Who Have Come to Heal the Planet


I feel I must preface this review by offering full disclosure: Until now, I have never reviewed a work of non-fiction, nor a work which falls into the Spiritual or Self-Help genres. Naturally, what follows in this review is entirely my opinion, and I’ll do my best to cover what I think are its high and low points.…

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