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Waiting For Spring: An Interview with R.J. Keller

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This past summer I started writing a monthly feature called “Word Machines,” in which I would feature a fellow unknown writer and their work with my network of readers. When the opportunity arose to take over editorial duties for this site, I mentioned to Henry that I’d like to shift the Word Machines feature over here as well. SPR has ... Read More »

Book reviewer and award-winning author Caroline Leavitt guest stars in “IWS”


Yes…it’s finally here! Inside The Writers’ Studio Episode IV, “Self-Promotion FAIL” with special guest star Caroline Leavitt. (And if you want to post it on your own blogs or Facebook accounts, or Tweet it, we will surely not complain.) Three authors illustrate why maybe – just maybe – self-promotion doesn’t always work. If you would like a book review click ... Read More »

New Writer-centric Video Blog Series


“Inside the Writers Studio” is a video blog series created by R.J. Keller and me. You can find “Inside the Writers Studio” (a PaperRats production) on its YouTube page, be a friend on Facebook, and/or follow on Twitter. Watch the first episode, “Raving Reviews” (or, “How Writers REALLY React to Negative Reviews”): If you would like a book review click ... Read More »

Self-Published Books Leading at Smashwords


The most downloaded books today, Jan. 8, at Smashwords.com are by (self-published) Backword Books authors. Women’s fiction #1 – Homefront by Kristen J. Tsetsi #2 – Waiting for Spring by R.J. Keller (reviewed by me here) Literary fiction #1 – Homefront by Kristen J. Tsetsi #4 – American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum #6 – Waiting for Spring ... Read More »