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Review: Sweet Barbarian by Jayla Jasso

★★★★½ Sweet Barbarian by Jayla Jasso

Mild-mannered Karly has had a bit of a rough time. Between her job and her creepy, clingy ex, she has to find happiness where it comes. And sometimes happiness comes in the strangest of ways. When Karly’s dog begins barking at something outside her little cabin in the woods, she expects a raccoon or a squirrel, not a huge, half-naked man decked out in furs and leathers, bleeding and freezing half to death.…

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Review: Angles (Part 1) by Erin Lockwood

★★★★ Angles (Part 1) by Erin Lockwood

Cara Miller is at an impasse – laid off from her interior decorating firm, she works a job at a bank that she has no passion for, and wishes for marriage and a family, while dating a commitment phobic fitness buff.…

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Review: Taken By Storm (The Taken Book 1) by Anna Argent

★★★★★ Taken By Storm by Anna Argent

Isa Telwyn would say she’s pretty normal – in her twenties, working as a small-town librarian in Oklahoma. She might have fantastic dreams of impossible, wondrous places, sure, but at her heart, she’s just your average girl – right?

When a storm sweeps into her sleepy town, a stunningly gorgeous man carved out of dreams and bound by honor, comes to deliver news to Isa: she is the born leader of a far-off people, hidden away in human society in secret for protection from a great threat.…

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Deeper Colors by C.S. Donnell

Deeper Colors by C.S. DonnellWhen Gina Martin’s mentor passes away, his dying wish is that she go to Paris and view the works of master painters, as inspiration for her own art. At the Louvre, Gina is captivated by a painting from the late 18th century, and she catches the eye of Jerome Dumont, a gallery owner from provincial Perigueux who collects that artist’s work.…

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Review: An Unknown Love: Secrets & Romance by Adom Sample

★★★★ An Unknown Love: Secrets & Romance by Adom Sample

He watches from the shadows of his villa, from the edge of the crowd, and through the latest newspaper that tells of her success. She has no idea that he even exists, until the love letter arrives…

Jasmine Sun-Wallace is an upstart businesswoman – easily described as a go-getter in establishing her successful cosmetics company; austere in the meeting room but with a kind and generous heart that is made apparent through her philanthropic efforts.…

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Review: The Cherry House by C.J. Carlyon

★★★★½ The Cherry House by C.J. Carlyon

Austen Soren is a young girl – a woman, really – returning home to the scenic valley that her and her sister once grew up in together. Now, with her sister Bronte getting married, Austen is made to face the one thing she hasn’t found in her months of travel: love.…

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With Artistic License by S.W. Clemens

With Artistic License by S.W. ClemensWith Artistic License by S.W. Clemens is an entertaining mix of romance and social satire.

Commonly in female-driven romantic fiction, the heroine “has it all.” Here the roles are reversed: Curtis Cooke, our protagonist, has a high-powered job, a beautiful wife, and an American Dream homestead – until this all comes crashing down.…

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Review: Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik

★★★½ Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik

Ghost in the Park by Ray Melnik fits into a category all its own  – one could call it paranormal science mixed with some romance. Sami has just long his young wife, a woman with a turbulent past. Meanwhile, Noah Braxton is working on a scientific experiment, which leads to some unpredictable results – the main outcome is loved ones coming back from the dead in a nearby park.…

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