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With Artistic License by S.W. Clemens

With Artistic License by S.W. ClemensWith Artistic License by S.W. Clemens is an entertaining mix of romance and social satire.

Commonly in female-driven romantic fiction, the heroine “has it all.” Here the roles are reversed: Curtis Cooke, our protagonist, has a high-powered job, a beautiful wife, and an American Dream homestead – until this all comes crashing down.…

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Review: Harmony to Heartburn (Fortytude Book 3) by Shelly Hickman

★★★★½ Harmony to Heartburn (Fortytude Book 3)

Harmony to Heartburn by Shelly Hickman is the heartwarming third book in the Fortytude series.

Since her marriage to Kiran a few years ago, Anna’s life has been smooth sailing. Unfortunately, family issues have been brewing under the surface. Her parent’s marriage is in serious trouble and they decide to take a break from the relationship.…

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Review: Take My Husband, Please by Kimberly Jayne ★★★★

Take my husband, pleaseTake My Husband, Please, by Kimberly Jayne, is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.

Sophie Camden is a rookie realtor working on the biggest sale of her career. And she has the hots for a new man in her life. But not all is perfect for her.…

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