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Review: Explosive Decompression by John L. Sheppard

Explosive Decompression

★★★★ Explosive Decompression by John L. Sheppard is an intense, wry and wonderfully written novel. From the very start of Explosive Decompression, author John Sheppard welcomes readers into a fantastical new world, hundreds of years into the future, and proposes a unique premise – a dystopian Earth that has experienced and persevered past the Great Collapse, a period of nuclear ... Read More »

Titan by Michael Van Cleve


Titan by Michael Van Cleve is more than your usual post-apocalyptic novel. Though the blurb makes it seem like standard fare of surviving a nuclear holocaust and its after-effects, Titan veers more into science fiction than naturalistic post-apocalyptic wasteland, as the family at the heart of this novel has to fare a rise of a mutant population – the after-effects ... Read More »

Review: The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon

The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver: Episode One

★★★★★ The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon is a gripping story of the ultimate “What if?” The time travel genre is populated by a number of standard premises, meaning that multiple authors have discussed many of the same philosophical and ethical issues over the years. In The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver the classic time-traveling ... Read More »

Review: Radio Sphere by Devin terSteeg

Radio Sphere by Devin terSteeg

★★★★★ In the not-so-distant future of “20XX,” the world has changed dramatically. Human innovation has advanced far beyond our ability to truly stay in-touch with the latest news and technology, leading to a social stagnation of endless consumption. We have greatly elongated lives, and yet we have so much more to experience; we’re a progressive society, progressed beyond our limits. ... Read More »

Review: Meet the Unimaginables by Paul Slutsky


★★★½ World-building is a crucial part of sci-fi writing, especially if an author is writing about decades or centuries in the future, when the world may look very different than it does today. In Meet the Unimaginables, a wildly clever novel by Paul Slutsky, a relatively normal man named Alan Norton gets the opportunity of a lifetime: intergalactic travel to ... Read More »

Mind Vs. Matter by Konrad Koenigsmann

Mind Vs. Matter by Konrad Koenigsmann

Mind Vs. Matter by Konrad Koenigsmann takes place in the year 2067 – post World War III when the world has now been divided into separate empires, which hasn’t exactly fixed the world situation. A shadowy organization called the Tyrannei, led by the despotic Karl von Liebnitz is bent on taking over the world. But he has a foil: Will ... Read More »

Review: Tesla Evolution (Box Set) by Mark Lingane

Tesla Evolution by Mark Lingane

★★★★★ In the far-flung future, long after society as we know it has withered and decayed into only unremembered remnants, humanity will rise again from the ashes of the old. But we are not alone. Legends will tell of a mere orphan, Sebastian, who grew from obscurity into a hero of the wastes, who discovered his true talents under the ... Read More »

Review: City on a Hill (Vol 1: The City) by Ted Neill

Ted Neill

★★★★½ City on a Hill by Ted Neill is an epic tale of belief, chaos and conflict. While many post-apocalyptic, dystopian novels center on the ravages of atomic fallout, the wasteland lifestyle of survivors, unholy abominations or alien overlords, there are few books in the genre that have placed religion as the focal point. City on a Hill is the ... Read More »