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Creating a Book Trailer for Your Self-Published Novel

Book Trailer

Image Source: NYMediaWorks.com As many indie authors know, it can be difficult to get your self-published novel read by people outside of your inner circle of family and friends. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can certainly help, but at the end of the day, they are just words – mixed with a static image, some hashtags and some links. ... Read More »

Ten Reasons Why The Gatekeepers Of Self-Publishing Have Become… You

The Gatekeepers Have Become YOU

One of the biggest driving forces behind authors who self-publish has been the declaration that writing has become stifled by “the gatekeepers of the publishing world.” Many writers now go straight to self-publishing. Be self-published? Sounds great! Let’s do it! We can all help each other, right? Right? Guys? The online self-publishing clique has become incredibly judgemental of its own ... Read More »

Authors Must Be Marketers

authors marketing

Authors don’t like to promote their own works. Here are actual quotes from some of the authors we published: “I’m a writer, not a marketer.” “I’m uncomfortable asking people to buy my book.” “I don’t really understand social media.” “I’ve put a ton of effort into writing my book. Why do I have to sell it?” On the one hand, ... Read More »

How Do We Know Our Priorities Are Right?


Do you have a set of priorities in your personal life? Oh, maybe something like: Family > Work > Play… Do you set priorities in your mind for what the government needs to do? How about your priorities for what your customers need? How do you decide you have the right priorities? Is it basically a hit-or-miss, experiential kind of ... Read More »

Self-Publishing Can Be Just As Creative As Writing

I could say creative writing is right-brained and publishing is left-brained; writing is artistic, publishing all business. I could say that and I’ve heard it said by some “experts” but, even though I did just say it, my experience of both realms forces me to say it ain’t so. For twenty-some years I wrote creatively and paid scant attention to ... Read More »

9 Reasons Why I’m Choosing to Self-Publish


I’m writing a book! Did you hear? I’m writing a book! A bonafide, original content book! And I’m going to publish it. All by myself. That’s right. No agent. No publisher. No distributor. No PR machine. No query letters or manuscript submissions or external validation. I’m doing it by my own damn self. Recently a friend mentioned something to me ... Read More »