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B The EXXtinction by Santiago Mantilla

B The EXXtinction by Santiago Mantilla

B The EXXtinction by Santiago Mantilla is a dystopian science fiction novel proposing the provocative question: what would happen if men go extinct? Despotic ruler Queen Estevez starts a civil war to exterminate the male population. What she didn’t count on is how many males and females are bonded together, and don’t want to join her crusade. Noah and his ... Read More »

Spec Fic Writer Searches For Utopia

Chautauqua lake

For all the weirdnesses in my book of linked stories New Sun Rising—e-beasts who rule the world from within Networld, witchcraft, ghosts, and a human warehouse—I couldn’t have written the stories without knowing three New York lakes: Otisco, Skaneateles, and Chautauqua. This is the literal truth: without knowing the lakes  I would not have known how to create the utopian ... Read More »

An interview with Chris Wimpress


My novel ‘Joe is Online’ is probably the first piece of fiction in the world which was written FOR e-readers.  It works on a Kindle – in fact it looks great on a Kindle and an iPad.  ‘Joe is Online’ consists entirely of digital documents – blogs, emails, webchat logs, diary entries and websites.  It tells a story of an online cult ... Read More »