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Sean Goes To Barcelona by Tanya Preminger

Sean Goes To Barcelona by Tanya Preminger

Sean Goes To Barcelona by Tanya Preminger is a book aimed at middle-grade readers about a mom and son’s visit to Barcelona to see the Barca soccer team play, explore the city, and maybe meet the boy’s hero, Messi. Expertly illustrated by Elettra Cudignotto, it’s a spirited adventure through a foreign city, and an ode to the world’s most popular ... Read More »

Review: Rubber Match by Marcus Cootsona

Rubber Match by Marcus Cootsona

★★★★ There is a clear line between comic fiction and intelligent social satire, and Marcus Cootsona’s novel, Rubber Match, treads a careful dance between the two, providing an entertaining narrative, but never letting readers forget that they are enjoying the handily crafted prose of a witty wordsmith. Peppered with clever modern allusions and sharp rhetoric, the novel is a smart, ... Read More »

Odes on Ali by David A. Bates

Odes on Ali by David A. Bates

Odes on Ali by David Bates is a poetic account of the life and times of Muhammad Ali. Covering each one of Ali’s fights in rhyming verse, it’s a backstage pass beyond a traditional biography that covers all the blood, sweat and tears of Ali’s life. The book begins with a passionate and eloquent introduction to Ali the fighter, covering ... Read More »

Golden Gloves: rap-novel by G. Petrov & M. Salita

Golden Gloves: rap-novel

Golden Gloves: rap-novel is one of the most unique reading experiences you’ll have. Written in rhyming verse, it tells the story of a Jewish immigrant from Odessa who wins a Golden Gloves boxing tournament. The book covers heady issues such as anti-Semitism, immigration, poverty, and the cut-throat world of amateur boxing. A novel in verse could potentially get tedious, but ... Read More »

Review: Silence in Center by Jody Studdard ★★★★

Silence in Center by Jody Studdard

Silence in Center by Jody Studdard is a heartwarming addition to the Softball Star series. Melody Gold is a fourteen-year-old fastpitch player who wants to advance from Little League to select ball. The problem is finding a team that will let her play. She’s talented, but Melody has a hearing impairment. She can hear with her hearing aids and she ... Read More »

Review: High Road: Chasing the Yellow Jersey by David Chauner


★★★★½ High Road: Chasing the Yellow Jersey, by David Chauner, will make your heart race. Kurt Dufour grew up in a world of wealth and privilege. Adulthood hits him hard when at the age of nineteen he’s accused of murder. Just when he thinks his reputation is permanently smeared by the accusation and trial, he receives a second chance. He ... Read More »

Review: Approaching Twi-Night by M. Thomas Apple ★★★★

Approaching Twi-Night

Approaching Twi-Night by M. Thomas Apple is an eloquent and tender novel about the minor league baseball pitcher, John “Ditch” Klein, and his on-again off-again relationship with the sport of baseball. He’s got a critical manager, critical family members, and his heart’s not entirely into the game. He’s feeling the tug of being a writer as well. This is a ... Read More »

Review: The Favorite by Franklyn C. Thomas


Second chances are rare, no matter how much a person wants them. When Michael Dane is given a second chance he has to make the toughest decision in his life. What’s the decision? You have to read The Favorite to find out. It may shock you. Michael Dane is a fighter who has a shot at becoming the IBF Light-Heavyweight ... Read More »