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Creating Attention-Grabbing Children’s Stories in a Tech-Driven World

Childrens Books

Nearly every child has heard, “Stop staring at that screen and go read a book!” Before TV, parents were probably saying something similar about the radio. And before that, well, marbles might have been a child’s object of obsession. Today, however, children have such an enormous plethora of distractions — from the Internet to video games to smartphones and even ... Read More »

Kindlegraph is the Newest Bestseller Among IndiePub Authors


This past week I wrote a column for the blog, ‘Starved Writer’, on the topic of innovations in eBook technology and already I have to take back my words  My column posted just days before the newest innovation in eBook technology went viral.  My bad.  Kindlegraph, developed  by Evan Jacobs on the DocuSign platform is the latest game changer in ... Read More »

Self-publishing is a source of innovative thinking


Presentation: Self-publishing – a source of innovative thinking and how to benefit from it. The presentation the link to which you see above was prepared for Ebook Lab Italia conference. I wanted to highlight a prevailing characteristic of self-publishers, yet not discovered and fully utilized by publishers and readers. It’s the innovative thinking. In digital times, times of over-content, the ... Read More »

A Brief History of My Five Years of Selling Ebooks


When I started publishing my writing, I did not plan on becoming an ebook seller. I was focused on how to get my books printed, set up a website, and list them in Amazon. Then I noticed an option on a menu in Adobe InDesign. I used that software to design my books, but it also had a choice that ... Read More »