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Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Blood Will Tell

This high-drama saga follows Amy throughout her life with all the events that her relationships bring. Difficult to pinpoint as one genre in particular, Blood Will Tell can be described as a New Adult drama that spirals into a thriller with some medical elements and horror thrown in to thrill readers who enjoy stories with a hint of romance and ... Read More »

Review: Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Book 1) by P.F. Ford

Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Novel Book 1) by Peter Ford

★★★★ In what could have easily been a gritty crime drama surrounding a rugged detective with a chip on his shoulder, author P.F. Ford instead delivers an amusing and engaging thriller with a buddy-cop feel in Death of a Temptress. The author writes with a savage passion and an attention to detail that keeps the suspense boiling up and the ... Read More »

Panacea by Brad Murray

Panacea by Brad Murray

Jimmy Porter is nothing special. At least, he never thought so, and neither did most anyone in his life. His dad dropped out of his life at the age of eight, and at 21 he hasn’t got much to write home about outside of a decent vehicle and a few good friends. But Jimmy is about to find out just ... Read More »

The Sixth Time: A Psychological Thriller by Joanie Pariera

The Sixth Time: A Psychological Thriller by Joanie Pariera

David Fosco’s life is unraveling before his eyes. It started with the night his girlfriend of ten years, Gemma Sweets, suddenly accused him of rape, taking him to trial for a crime he insists he did not commit. And that was only the start of it. When Gemma suddenly and mysteriously vanishes midway through the trial, David is left as ... Read More »

Review: Family Business by Colin Beckett

Family Business by Colin Beckett

★★★★★ Family Business: An Outer Banks Crime Mystery by Colin Beckett is a grim, thrilling mystery. From this book’s cold-blooded opening, readers know that they’re in for a story told by a master of suspense. The patient, calculating and terrifying style that Colin Beckett puts on display in Family Business is unique and chilling, making it nearly impossible to put ... Read More »

Review: The People’s House by David Pepper

The People's House by David Pepper

★★★★ The idea of corruption in government is hardly a novel thought, and it has been tackled from every imaginable angle, but in these hyper-charged modern times, a bit of escapism to an even more tangled world can be a treat. In The People’s House by David Pepper, an unlikely reporter has one final shot at a career-making scoop, and ... Read More »

Review: In the Mind of Revenge (The Shamed Book 1) by Liv Hadden

In the Mind of Revenge by Liv Hadden

★★★★ Society would tell you it makes me dangerous. I would agree. I am dangerous, and I am powerful. In the Mind of Revenge: Book One of The Shamed Series by Liv Hadden is a thriller that tackles hot-button social issues in a way that forces the reader to rethink the importance of what society deems as normal. The novel ... Read More »

Review: Wyrd, TX by David Shawn

wyrd tx

★★★★½ Wyrd, TX by David Shawn is a terrifying, stylish thriller. Balancing humor, wit and terror is an ability that few authors ever master, but David Shawn releases a macabre tour de force in Wyrd, TX, a city that time seems to have forgotten, but demons have not. Shawn marvelously sets the tone for readers within the first few chapters ... Read More »