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Review: Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

Vector: Tradecraft: Phase Zero by Michael Shusko

★★★★½ Terrorist attacks, car chases, secret weapon research, a rugged hero and a determined doctor are just a few of the highlights in Vector, the addictive new thriller from Michael Shusko. The mysteries begin piling up early on, and the action-packed opening scenes grab readers by the throat and refuse to let go. Lee Jansen and Emma Hess make quite ... Read More »

Review: The Chemist (Daniel Strong Book 1) by Alan J. Field

The Chemist (Daniel Strong Book 1) by Alan Field

★★★★ The high-stakes world of global politics and espionage is packed with stories just waiting to be told, and Alan Field spins an incredible tale of this covert underbelly in The Chemist. For fans of the thriller genre, this book delivers in every way imaginable, from smart dialogue and protagonists with dark pasts to dangerous vixens and an endless array ... Read More »

Dead Lemons by Finn Bell

Dead Lemons

Author Finn Bell’s exciting New Zealand thriller about a missing girl and a suicidal disabled man on a mission opens with a quote from Hitler about God. This powerful start is surprisingly the exact scene-setter for what can only be described as an unforgettable, cutthroat fable that examines ego and self-obsession in the face of murder. All of this in ... Read More »

The Assyrian Girl by Thomas W. Devine

The Assyrian Girl by Thomas W. Devine

The Assyrian Girl by Thomas W. Devine is a terrorist thriller following Matt Couper, a security contractor who’s stationed in Iraq in 2003. There he saves the life of Tara Nasrim, an Assyrian teenager, a memory which haunts him years later. When she shows up in New Zealand five years later, their lives become as complicated as war-torn Iraq – ... Read More »

Review: Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt

Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt

★★★★ In the aftermath of a brutal murder, Markie is struggling to find her footing in the world. Aided by her sister, Kam, the two are finally finding ways for Markie to enjoy life again. Unfortunately, life has other plans as tragedy befalls them once more. It soon becomes clear that these events are far from random occurrences, and the ... Read More »

Review: 5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt

5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt

★★★★½ Mother Nature takes center stage, with a bit of help from mankind’s baser instincts, in 5 Days to Landfall, a thrilling novel by Robert Roy Britt. With all of the recent surges in extreme weather around the world, a story like this is not only timely, but should also act as a dire warning for weather experts and governments ... Read More »

Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Blood Will Tell

This high-drama saga follows Amy throughout her life with all the events that her relationships bring. Difficult to pinpoint as one genre in particular, Blood Will Tell can be described as a New Adult drama that spirals into a thriller with some medical elements and horror thrown in to thrill readers who enjoy stories with a hint of romance and ... Read More »

Review: Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Book 1) by P.F. Ford

Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Novel Book 1) by Peter Ford

★★★★ In what could have easily been a gritty crime drama surrounding a rugged detective with a chip on his shoulder, author P.F. Ford instead delivers an amusing and engaging thriller with a buddy-cop feel in Death of a Temptress. The author writes with a savage passion and an attention to detail that keeps the suspense boiling up and the ... Read More »