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What Not To Write – Ten Book Boos For Indie Authors To Avoid

Page skippers on Amazon

When writing a book, what are the turn-offs for a reader? SPR editor Cate Baum reveals some of the no-no’s she’s come across on her literary travels in self-publishing. 1. Epigraphs The unnecesary epigraph, that is, the quote from the cheesy and cliched favorite writer gleaned from Goodreads to make the writer appear erudite and witty, is rife in self-published ... Read More »

SPR Podcast With Best-Selling Author Kate Danley

kate danley podcast

Kate Danley’s debut novel, The Woodcutter, was honored with the Garcia Award for the Best Fiction Book of the Year, the 1st Place Fantasy Book in the Reader Views Literary Awards, and the winner of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Recently, it was signed with 47North. In this, the first of a series of podcasts ... Read More »

10 Tips For Proofreading Your Book


MediaShift’s Anna Lewis talks proofreading in this article originally from Completely Novel. If you are self-publishing, then proofreading your manuscript is a really challenging task — and you’ll kick yourself if you find a mistake after you’ve told everyone about the book. No matter how many times you’ve read through your work, it’s amazing how often errors can sneak through ... Read More »

Formatting your book with OpenOffice – Part 1


Although I’ve got a great publisher for the e-book edition of Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite, I decided to self-publish the paperback. Since I was already familiar with OpenOffice and unable to afford Adobe InDesign, I decided to invest some time to see if using OpenOffice was feasible. The first step, always, is make a backup and put it somewhere you can’t mess it up. Preliminary ... Read More »

Real eBooks: Are We Still in the Stone Age?


So when will we start to see REAL ebooks appear on the market? You know the ebooks that take advantage of their digital environment. Ebooks that have been rendered to improve the reader’s ebook experience. As the number of ebook devices explodes into the book reader’s world, the readers are going to expect more. This statement is especially true with ... Read More »

How Writers Can Use Readability


Readability is a service which turns web pages into a clutter-free reading mode. In times when more and more people suffer from Internet distractions it seems to be helpful solution for readers – as well as writers – of web content. I’ve covered Readability a couple of times already. In this post I’ll list ways in which writers can benefit ... Read More »

“Look Inside” for Kindle Books – 3 Tips for Authors


Recently Amazon added to Kindle Store a new, very useful feature – Look Inside. It is the same feature as Look Inside for printed editions but it’s showing the content of the relevant Kindle book. More details about the this functionality you can find in this post and now I’d like to focus on how writers can benefit from it. ... Read More »

I Take Thee … Making That Commitment to Your Book


People are impressed with anyone who has completed the task of writing a whole book. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who have sat down to a keyboard to start writing a book but never finished it. Those who do go the distance make a commitment that goes beyond the first writing session. Read More »