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Real eBooks: Are We Still in the Stone Age?


So when will we start to see REAL ebooks appear on the market? You know the ebooks that take advantage of their digital environment. Ebooks that have been rendered to improve the reader’s ebook experience. As the number of ebook devices explodes into the book reader’s world, the readers are going to expect more. This statement is especially true with ... Read More »

Author vs. Publisher: It’s a Revolution


A couple of weeks ago, I was cornered by a publisher after an appearance. The point of her rant was how much she could do for me as a publisher. She made her point while poking me in the chest saying, “You should be writing. You shouldn’t be publishing. You should be writing.” But things don't always work out as we have planned. Read More »

eBook Authors: Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing


Self-publishing and ebooks have carried a stigma from day one by naysayers and the traditional publishing world. They forecast the book publishing pipe filled with poor and unreadable digital content because of the self-publishing ebook author. There has been an increase in errors and poor formatting introduced by the new digital books compared to their pbook counterparts to be sure. ... Read More »

The Mystery of the Missing Amazon Public Notes

Prime Suspect: The New Amazon Upgrade Program Amazon Public Notes look like they are taking a turn that only a detective can figure out. I blogged in February about the Great News of Amazon adding a new feature to their eBooks called Public Notes in which readers could share highlights and notes with other readers. In that blog, I detailed ... Read More »

Ebook Publishing: Are Traditional Publishers Sitting on a Pot of Gold?


The prospects for an explosion in the ebook market are growing every day. Once traditional publishers realize the ebook-only market is a huge opportunity, they will embrace it and they will realize that they had a pot of gold right in front of them all the time. Current Publishing – Are things panning out with ebooks? Traditional book publishing is ... Read More »

Ebook Authors: Do you really want to be an old time author?


Do you really want to be an old time author and publish your book traditionally or do you want to be an eBook author and self-publish your content on-line? That’s the question. An old time author! Are you one of them? You know the traditional author that has beat his head against publisher’s front doors for a long time and ... Read More »