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Authors: Improve Your Twitter Messaging and Control


Social Media is crucial for people who are trying to break into writing. Today our focus is on Twitter and how you can improve your messaging and communications. Twitter allows you to reach more people on a daily basis because of its global reach. Authors have known for a long time that word of mouth is still the most effective ... Read More »

17 Services to Tweet a Book


Tweeting your book is a tricky proposition. It can seem a lot like spam if you do it too often. Some say you shouldn’t do it at all: The dumb-ass secret to promoting your book on Twitter is: Don’t tweet about your book. Shouting about yourself and your achievements (which is exactly what you’re doing when you tweet about your ... Read More »

A New Way to Promote: Pay With A Tweet

Pay With A Tweet

There are good arguments for both sides of the issue on eBook pricing. A lower price may devalue your work, but it may also drive sales. There’s also the option of giving it away for free. Henry’s recent experiment with giving his novel away for free got me thinking about doing the same with mine. I have a sequel due ... Read More »

Enterprise Authors: Rethinking the E-Book Revolution


There is something happening in the publishing industry right now. Something seismic. Regular men and women – children even! – are beginning to self-publish. The internet has given them the keys to a once gated empire – and the gatekeepers are not happy. There is a system in place for writers, a proven process that filters “the talentless hacks” from ... Read More »

How you can sell your e-books via mobile phones?


There are great services like Ether Books, which are designed to reach mobile readers and populate their minds with high quality reads tailored to mobile conditions. But what to do when you are not lucky enough to be one of Ether authors? If you are a self-publisher actively using social media to find readers and draw their attention to your ... Read More »