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Constant Pull: Book One: It Starts by Avery Kirk

Constant PullAmelia “Mel” Harper is a young woman in her twenties who works as a carpenter. She lives with her grandfather after losing her parents in an accident, an accident that brought her friends to her – Dave, a neighbor with Down Syndrome, and the firefighter, Kevin, who was involved in trying to save her parents.…

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Review: Just Love Everybody by Greg Ware

★★★★½ Just Love Everybody: Father Time is running out on Mother Nature by Greg Ware

The year is 2031, and while technology has advanced every field of science, there’s still many mysteries to solve and theories to prove. Enter Dr. Jake Love: a renowned obstetrician, a specialist in delivery, childbirth, and natal care. Dr. Love isn’t just lucky in the name department either, as by some kind of happenstance he is granted the chance to spend just one day with anyone in history.…

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