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Review: Molto Mayhem by Deanne Wilsted

Molto Mayhem by Deanne Wilsted★★★★

Molto Mayhem is a romantic family-set story based around Lucia, freshly-returned to Tuscany from her new home in San Francisco, now hoping to spend time with her extended family, namely her slightly crazy aunt Christina and uncle Gianni, and a strange British guy called Aiden with whom she finds herself wandering dilapidated buildings in search of abandoned religious icons.… Read More

The Tale of Miss Berta London by Jihan Latimer

Miss Berta LondonIn The Tale of Miss Berta London: “Recollections of Accomplishments,” readers experience the turmoils of the eponymous character as she overcomes adversity with shocking resolve, and demonstrates an ability to roll expertly with life’s many punches in her role as a fashion editor for the international E-Fashion Magazine and then onto becoming a nanny for the Williamson children.… Read More

I Remember: A Story of Self-Healing by Cassandra Whitfield

I Remember: A story of self-love by Cassandra WhitfieldI Remember: A Story of Self-Healing by Cassandra Whitfield is a story of love and self-love; the story of a healer learning to heal herself. Cassandra Whitfield didn’t have the easiest life – from a tumultuous childhood, a rollercoaster love life, and a colorful career working with the criminally insane.… Read More

Review: Paper Castles by Terri Lee

★★★★★ Paper Castles by Terri Lee

The year is 1963. The American dream has begun to definitely show its ragged edges, and in sunny Georgia the manicured gardens kept prim and proper on lavish manor grounds reflect the lives of the listless housewives cloistered within. Savannah Palmerton had dreams once, but now she is a specter of a woman, drifting from social engagement to social engagement, with nothing in her life between the forced smiles and empty chatter of afternoon teas and garden parties.… Read More

Constant Pull: Book One: It Starts by Avery Kirk

Constant PullAmelia “Mel” Harper is a young woman in her twenties who works as a carpenter. She lives with her grandfather after losing her parents in an accident, an accident that brought her friends to her – Dave, a neighbor with Down Syndrome, and the firefighter, Kevin, who was involved in trying to save her parents.… Read More

Review: Ties that Bind by Debbie White

★★★★ Ties that Bind by Debbie White

Ties that Bind by Debbie White is the moving and epic novel about a woman trying to uncover her past in order to understand herself. Pat has a sense of gnawing dissatisfaction in her life given that she’s adopted and never met her birth parents.… Read More

Liberty and Means by Kristin Dow

Liberty and Means by Kristin DowLiberty and Means by Kristin Dow is about Shannon, who’s being stalked, or so she thinks, and finds instead that she’s come into a financial windfall from a sweepstakes company. Once her monetary needs are met, will this free her up to fully discover herself, or shine a brighter light on her problems?… Read More

Review: The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris

★★★★ The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris

The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris follows the life of Maggie Davis, a middle-aged widow living in a large Victorian home in 1950’s Nebraska with her daughter. The house also doubles as a bed and breakfast, so new boarders come in and out who gather around Maggie’s kitchen table for conversations about life and the latest gossip.… Read More