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Review: Rocket Ship by C. O. B.


Rocket Ship, by C. O. B., is a moving story that offers profound insight into the world we live in now. While the story revolves around two boys who want to build a rocket ship to escape this world and their problems, the story isn’t so much science fiction as social commentary. Lincoln and Gary, two best friends, come from ... Read More »

Review: Magic, Machines and the Awakening of Danny Searle by John McWilliams

Magic, Machines Review

Tyler Cipriani is a programming prodigy and prodigal son to two brilliant parents – a pushy philosopher-scientist who even used Tyler for his own studies growing up, and a mathematics professor whose ambition and love for her son overlap with her bitterness at her now-ex-husband. His life is by no means average, but despite his talent (whether natural or induced) ... Read More »