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Tainted by Hate (T. D. Book 3) by Patrice M. Foster

Tainted by Hate (T. D. Book 3) by Patrice M. Foster

Tainted by Hate by Patrice M. Foster is a harrowing but important book about friendship, racism, drug abuse, self-cutting, and trying to rise above it all. Angela and Jessica are good friends, but Angela’s family comes between them, as Angela’s father is a virulent and abusive racist and forbids their relationship.  Angela turns to self-harm in the form of drug ... Read More »

Finding Moana by James Halemanu

Finding Moana by James Halemanu

Moana is a 13-year-old Hawai’ian orphan from Kau’i. He is an outcast, with his wild hair and ways, but now must survive an attack on his village by cannibal snake zombies and their evil queen! If that doesn’t sound amazing, maybe a rescue party of cave-dwelling beings who teach Moana magical skills, or a time-traveling island and a couple of ... Read More »

Review: Blowback ’07 by Brian Meehl

Blowback 07

★★★★½ Blowback ’07 by Brian Meehl is a stunning start to an exciting new series. Time travel is a popular theme in fiction – YA and otherwise – and Blowback ’07 stands out immediately within the sub-genre for its original plot and charismatic heroes, Arky and Iris. The context of the story is revealed rather quickly, and we soon learn ... Read More »

Review: Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

★★★★ In this strange and troubling land, all young men are doomed to turn into dogs and die before they can reach the age of thirty. The curse leaves many with no hope for a future, either hoping for something great at a young age, or simply accepting an empty existence. Seventeen-year-old Hippolyte Falcor is one such young man, caught ... Read More »

Review: Stumbling On A Tale (Time to Time #2) by Suzanne Roche

stumbling lead

★★★★½ It all started with a book. Now three siblings are stuck together, traveling through time, once again…whether they like it or not. Join Peri, Henry, and Max – two siblings and a half, in reverse order – as they make their way from the high spirits and high seas of an immigration ship en route to New York, and ... Read More »

Review: SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable by Eli Bloom

SEER lead story

★★★★½ SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable by Eli Bloom is a chilling and thrilling YA novel. With a bold plot line and an unforgettable protagonist, SEER instantly stands out as a paranormal classic. Author Eli Bloom captures youth, innocence and courage within these pages, while brushing on topical subjects that will strike a chord in readers of any age. ... Read More »

The Path of Peace (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 3) by Mike Shelton

The Path of Peace (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 3)

The Path of Peace by Michael Shelton is an action-packed and fitting end to the The Cremelino Prophecy trilogy. Darius is now king and still not in complete control of his magical powers. He sees only good in everyone, which works both for and against him in his quest for peace in the realm with many vying for power. The ... Read More »