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Jacob’s Odyssey By Russ Melrose

Jacob's Odyssey By Russ MelroseJacob’s Odyssey By Russ Melrose is an engrossing zombie novel in which a virus has decimated the country, and Jake, a fifth grade teacher, must travel across the Salt Lake Valley in Utah to survive – all the while haunted by more than world events. …

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Review: End Time by Daniel Greene

★★★★½ End Time by Daniel Greene

A savage, unforgettable zombie thrill ride.

From the very first scene of Greene’s gruesome, entrancing thriller, readers know that they are in for one hell of a ride. When a deadly virus begins to spread in the DRC, one might think that all the petty rivalries, policies, and ambitions of people would be put to the side for the sake of survival, but this novel takes readers not only through the brutal gore of an imagined zombie apocalypse, but also into some truly dark corners of human nature.…

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Review: Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers ★★★★

Rotville by Bryce Bentley SummersIn the year 2030, humanity is devastated by a terrifying plague that forces survivors into a life of cloistered fear. A quarantine is built into a city, known as Colloseo, where Colloseo Super Max Prison houses some of the worst examples of the surviving human race.…

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Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter by Jon Davidson

Donald Trump: Zombie HunterDonald Trump: Zombie Hunter is the raucous and topical satire of the man of the moment, Donald Trump, as he wins the presidency, fixes everything overnight, and then is attacked by a hoard of zombies, all of which come in the form of his current opponents: Chris Christie and Rand Paul, among others.…

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Shades: The Gehenna Dilemma (Shades Series Book 1) by Eric Dallaire

Shades by Eric DallaireShades: The Gehenna Dilemma is the extraordinarily original and inventive science fiction/dystopian novel of a bleak future where the IRS bring back debtors from the dead as “Shades,” turning them into servants of the state. As the old saying goes, “The only thing certain in life are death and taxes.” Shades takes this literally and combines the two ideas.…

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Review: The Red by Aiden Riley

The Red by Aiden RileyIn the north of England, in the year 2020, scientific breakthroughs by companies such as ‘L Max’ lead to a new dawn of agriculture, where food would show great changes and never spoil when properly treated by their products. Whether this was the reason that the people and animals of Earth quickly turned to what the survivors would refer to as “infected” – monstrous corpse-people who lose control of their bodies for the craving of flesh – would never be certain.…

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Review: From Blood Reborn by Keith Soares

from blood reborn reviewFrom Blood Reborn is the third part of the Oasis of Filth series by Keith Soares, following the unlikely hero of the nameless doctor in his continuing journey across the formerly United States of America. Years after the human race’s fall from grace with the outbreak of “RL2013” – a mysterious disease that causes a slow and maddening death to anyone who is infected, with no known cure – governments move their people more and more into sterile, utilitarian walled settlements where anything but absolute cleanliness and obedience is enforced with strict justice and regular “disappearances” of accused plague victims.…

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