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Review: The Miseducation of the Zombie by Timothe Davis ★★★★

The Miseducation of the Zombie by Timothe Davis

In the United Federation of Sectors, a nation of 13 Sectors altogether, the creatures of the forest, lagoon, and full moon are all real, races from beyond have landed, and the dead walk the Earth – but that’s not the real issue these days. After the Sectors began to pass proper laws for that sort of thing, Humans and the ... Read More »

Jim Beck (Black Rooster Creations) Interview


1. How did you come to self-publish? Did you try to get published traditionally? I came from the screenwriting world, and quite frankly, I was a bit fed up with all the blockades set up to stop talented people from succeeding.  I see it every day.  I had a stack of screenplays and outlines of stories that everyone seemed to ... Read More »