Book Reviews

Review: The Art of Troubleshooting by Jason Maxham

The Art of Troubleshooting Review

Jason Maxham, one of life’s polymaths, has put together a system to troubleshoot and fix just about any breakdown. Interviewing engineers, mechanics, mathematicians and IT experts, Maxham firstly philosophizes on the way things are put together and operate, and our expectations as an operator and how they relate, to form strategies on the best approach to identifying and solving an ... Read More »

Review: Intelligent Design: Revelations by J.M.Erickson

Intelligent Design Review

Mars – A Noah’s Ark of a civilization headed by Master Architect Janus, is a highly civilized race, making a last-ditch attempt to save Earth’s many species from extinction – more than sixty million years ago, as dinosaurs inhabit the Pale Blue Dot mankind now calls home. The Master Architects, a race something like mythological gods, are guardians of the ... Read More »

Review: Slammin’ by Marcus Paul Cootsona

Slammin' Review

At fifty-three years old, lifetime tennis pro Wally Wilson has shelved his ambition for a comfortable and happy life as a tennis instructor for the rich and richer of Silicon Valley, under the watch of the questionable benefactor 17-year-old Ashley Margincall. With the support of his loving though quirky family and the bankrolls of his eccentric clients, the slow and ... Read More »

Review: EXTENDEDCOMPANION by William Krasinski


Captain Wilek and other ABC captains have been around for quite some time and they know more than most that breakthrough technology is fantastic. That is until the technology becomes dated. Wilek and the others have survived other attempts to “retire” them. However, Earth is making a comeback and wants to conquer the Off Worlds. Can Captain Wilek survive this ... Read More »

Review: Lights of Valencia by Michael Pilcher

Lights in Valencia Review

Oliver, a twenty-something American ex-pat, escapes into Valencian culture while he prepares for the local celebrations of Fallas with his Spanish girlfriend Maria. But bad memories of his childhood back in the US are harder to escape than he thought. Read More »