Book Reviews

Review: Albatross by J. M. Erickson


Before turning his hand to Sci-fi, J. M. Erickson, the author of Future Prometheus, wrote a series of spy thriller novels, the Birds Of Flight series. Albatross is the first book of that series. In this book we meet Alexander Burns, a former special-ops agent who has been set up by a colleague. Burns' helicopter is shot down by "friendly fire." Read More »

Review: Prince S by Anita Renaghan

Prince S

Anita Renaghan’s Prince S is a delightful addition to the young adult fantasy genre. S. Avalon Hall, a girl, is raised by the king of Fontanasia as a boy. The king needs to have a rightful heir to the throne to protect his rule and to ensure that the Hall family maintains their control in the kingdom. Not many know ... Read More »

Review: Fiat by Jeffrey D. Schlaman


Fiat, by Jeffrey Schlaman is set in the very near future, just after the recent economic crisis. A greedy, power-hungry manipulator has captured control of the Federal Reserve and gained power over the newly elected Libertarian president Read More »