Interviews with indie authors, publishers and book service providers in the self-publishing realm

This Unhappy Interview – Marc Horne Speaks

I am a huge fan of Marc Horne. And it’s not just because he’s been known to write homages to Stan Lee or name books after Morrissey songs, or even because he’s been known to say a few kind words about my own work.…

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Eddie Wright Is Not Nothing | The Explosive Interview

I got turned onto Eddie Wright via a tweet by blogger Mike Cane, who suggested that the two of us together would be explosive. Naturally, with a teaser like that I had to check out Eddie’s novel.

Broken Bulbs is either about a junkie trying to write a screenplay or a writer who thinks he needs to fix in order to create.…

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An Interview with Amber Riley

An interview with Amber Riley, author of Kindred Blood. Info on completing this interview here.

1. How did you come to self-publish? Did you try to get published

I did try to find an agent. I believe I sent query letters to about 10 seeking representation before decided to self-publish.…

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