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What Makes a Good Book Marketer?

bookwhirl-logoBeing a good book marketer is just as important as writing a good book, and requires certain qualities for an effective campaign to bear the fruits of success.

Being a good book marketer, however, does not necessarily guarantee profitable sales but they are nevertheless the ideal values that authors should have and manifest so that the book will be made known to its demographic readers.…

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Self-Publishing Can Be Just As Creative As Writing

I could say creative writing is right-brained and publishing is left-brained; writing is artistic, publishing all business. I could say that and I’ve heard it said by some “experts” but, even though I did just say it, my experience of both realms forces me to say it ain’t so.…

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Comparing Createspace and Authorhouse

There are several ways of self-publishing the paperback of your books. I have used two of them myself and went for the second after I was not fully satisfied with the first.


I would say it was much easier going with Createspace than Authorhouse, especially on being able to have a more affordable book.…

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African Dream: The Dawn of a New Day

african dreamWhy is it that although Africa is filled with natural resources, the vast majority of African people are still living in poverty? How come people are starving in Africa when there are many billionaires around the world enjoying extravagant lifestyles in their big yachts, private jets and big mansions?…

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Selling your book bit by bit

With ebook sales on the rise and considering the number of ebook readers, tablets, and smartphones that provide readers access to your book why is it that your book isn’t providing you steady income?  Their are tons of reasons why people choose to buy or pass over any given book. …

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9 Reasons Why I’m Choosing to Self-Publish

I’m writing a book! Did you hear? I’m writing a book! A bonafide, original content book! And I’m going to publish it. All by myself.

That’s right. No agent. No publisher. No distributor. No PR machine. No query letters or manuscript submissions or external validation.…

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