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Review: Skip’s Legacy by Edward “Skip” Biron

★★★★ Skip's Legacy by Edward "Skip" Biron

It is the dream of most people to live a life worth writing stories about. In Skip’s Legacy, a memoir by Edward “Skip” Biron, readers are introduced to a remarkable man and his fast-paced, spontaneous and impactful life. The details that the author remembers from more than 5 decades of life make for an exceptional read, as though this were a journal, rather than a memoir.…

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Review: The Authority (The Charismatics Book 2) by Ashley R. Carlson

★★★★★ The Authority

In The Authority, the second book by Ashley R. Carlson in the Charismatics series, steampunk, science fiction and fantasy collide in an unforgettable adventure of magic, intrigue, destiny, and a potentially collapsing universe.

Picking up directly where the first book left off, readers find themselves amid the wreckage of the dirigible crash where Duchess Ambrose and her rag-tag bunch of compatriots are choosing what to do next.…

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Review: Sophie by Edward “Skip” Biron

★★★★ Sophie by Edward Biron

A dog can become almost human, according to author Edward “Skip” Biron, presenting a darling Bichon Frise ​as an excellent example in his non-fiction book, Sophie.

Being a rare breed, Sophie was rather expensive, but the woman destined to become her owner and best friend – ​Polly Pelletier ​ – ​was very lonely, having recently moved from Maine to Washington state after a bad marriage.…

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Review: Ascending Voice by Simi Fromen

★★★★ Ascending Voice by Simi Fromen

Ascending Voice by Simi Fromen is a moving collection of poetry about putting yourself together after a broken relationship. Told in three sections -“Mud,” “Murky Waters,” and “Lotus” – the collection follows Fromen’s path from pain to renewal. It’s a deeply honest collection about healing that should help readers heal as well, especially those recovering from a divorce or other bad relationship.…

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Review: The Diary of an Immortal (1945-1959) by David J. Castello

★★★★ The Diary of an Immortal by David Castello

In The Diary of an Immortal, author David J. Castello shows his skills as a wordsmith and creates an unforgettable narrative that looks at immortality from every possible side.

As a main character, readers can hardly ask for more from Steven Ronson, who begins as a hapless but heroic young man who stumbles upon something unimaginable – a formula that allows him to live forever.…

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Review: The Gambit by Brad Carlson

★★★★★ The Gambit by Brad Carlson

International intrigue and political thrillers have always been a popular genre, but in these tumultuous times, the fodder for such writers seems to have increased immeasurably. In The Gambit, Brad Carlson tears the tension from the headlines, postulating a world where Iran becomes a nuclear nation, and in the face of American hesitance, Israel must make a dangerous decision to protect itself.…

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Review: In Albuquerque, Abandoned by Tower Lowe

★★★★ In Albuquerque, Abandoned by Tower Lowe

Keeping the adventures of a sleuthing duo fresh can be a challenge for any writer, but it seems as though Tower Lowe has figured out the secret to success. Within the pages of In Albuquerque, Abandoned, the seventh novel in her Cinnamon/Burro New Mexico Mysteries series, readers are not only sucked into the story of a mysterious fraternal murder, but also the strange depths of Cinnamon and Burro’s lives.…

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