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The Giant’s Fence by Michael Jacobson

This is without a doubt the most unique book reviewed here. Michael Jacobson is at the forefront of asemic writing. What’s asemic writing? A work that is a collection of symbols totally invented by the author. We know the symbol “F” to represent the “ef” sound, but really F is just a representationof that sound.…

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Leviathan’s Master by David M. Quinn

Leviathan’s Master: The Wreck of the World’s Largest Sailing Ship
David M. Quinn
Review by Carol Buchanan

The leviathan of this short novel is the Thomas W. Lawson, a 7-masted schooner and the largest sailing ship ever built, which went down in a hurricane off Britain’s Scilly Isles on December 13, 1907.…

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Kirkland College Requiem — a review

Below, a review of Samuel Babbitt’s Limited Engagement, a self-published history of the short but glorious life of Kirkland College, of which Babbitt was the founding and only president. Limited Engagement shows how self-publishing makes it possible to create great books that have a fundamentally limited audience.…

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Tuesday Tells it Slant by Holly Christine

The structure of this novel might make a writer sit up and say, “Why didn’t I think of this?”  The book follows Tuesday Morning (her real name) throughout her life in a series of diary entries and real life events.  The book will switch from 2009 to 1990 to 1998 and back again. …

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American Apocalypse by Nova

The apocalypse no doubt is a huge subject right now in movies and literature, but for the most part apocalypse narratives are the result of war, environmental catastrophe, or disease. American Apocalypse takes a different, and unique, approach – the financial crisis, where the crisis turns into all-out catastrophe.…

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