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Review: Next of Kin by Melissa M. Garcia ★★★★

Next of Kin by Melissa M. GarciaNext of Kin: Death Valley Mystery Book 2, by Melissa M. Garcia, is a thrilling police procedural that’ll keep you guessing.

Lake City isn’t accustomed to multiple murder investigations. When Will Stellar, a homicide detective, is called to a crime scene he’s shocked to discover the victim is a childhood friend.…

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Review: Killing Juggernaut by Jared Bernard ★★★★

Killing Juggernaut by Jared BernardIt’s the 23rd Century as determined by the human “common era.” The last human alive is writing his final memories. We follow the story of those that came before: 21st Century ecologist Zara Dimitrov leads a fateful charge into a new era of conservation; 22nd Century’s Mashechka McGuigan, whose father’s passing leaves her with the duty of the gravely important Mission for Earth; Patrick Nelson, who now records humanity’s final fall from grace at the end of our era.…

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Review: Intelligent Design II: Apocalypse by J.M. Erickson ★★★★

Intelligent Design II: Apocalypse by J.M. EricksonTaking place in the years following the events of Intelligent Design: Revelations, the earthlike society of Terra – nestled, shrouded by technology, in our very solar system – prepares for disaster. As the people of Earth have only now come to realize, Jupiter is about to ignite into a star, destroying all life on its surrounding planets.…

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Review: Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey

★★★★½ Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey teaches the important and eye-opening lesson that dogs are, and will always be, part wolf. Though owners may anthropomorphize dogs and see them like little humans, they have inherent wild instincts at the core, and this knowledge will enhance every dog owner’s relationship with their dog, as well as how they approach training.…

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Review: Squirrel Days by Dustin Costa ★★★★

Squirrel DaysSquirrel Days by Dustin Costa is the hard-to-classify but always-entertaining satire about the so-called US drug war. Renegade disc jockey insults the wrong people on the radio and flees to the marijuana capital of Northern California with his one-legged girlfriend, Juanita.…

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Review: Weeping Water by J.T. Ruby ★★★★

Weeping WaterWeeping Water by JT Ruby is an epic novel about cryonic suspension – freezing something with life-threatening injuries in order to heal them when there are significant advances in medical technology. It follows Annie, who dies in a plane crash in the eighties, and Elliot, who dies in a car accident in the nineties, as they try to piece together their lives after being unfrozen.…

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Review: Illuminarium by Truth Devour ★★★★

Illuminarium by Truth DevourIlluminarium, by Truth Devour, is the creative and thought-provoking first installment in the planned five book Soliloquy’s Labyrinth series.

Harper, a forensic psychologist, discovers a book while hiking in a redwood forest. The book isn’t normal and Harper feels compelled to read it.…

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