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Review: Candlelight in a Storm by Naveen Sridhar ★★★★★

Candlelight in a Storm by Naveen Sridhar Candlelight in a Storm by Naveen Sridhar is the historical biography of his wife. Born during World War II and fleeing the violence there, later fleeing communist regimes as a teenager, and traveling the world, meeting her husband in Berlin, her story is at once colorful and harrowing.…

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Review: D-Nine – Protectors Of The Crown by Magus Tor

★★★★½ D-Nine - Protectors Of The Crown

In this unusual fantasy offering, Magus Tor spins his magic by taking the fantasy genre a new and pertinent step further with this transgender-charged quest adventure. When Dr. James. a male medical professional gets a huge migraine-like headache he starts hallucinating Lord Of The Rings-style rooms in which he seems to be the protagonist – in the form of Princess Sarabeth, a teenage royal charged with the defense of her nation, but currently suffering amnesia and unable to remember her purpose – against a ticking clock of betrayal by a secret society known as the D-Nine, working underground against The Crown.…

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Review: The New World: A Step Backward by Andy Skrzynski

★★★★½ The New World: A Step Backward by Andy Skrzynski

Sometimes the end of the world is just the beginning. In 2019, Easter Sunday, a spike in Internet chatter amongst Iranian, Chinese, and Russian users gives a swansong to the era of global nuclear peace as America’s capitals are wiped from the map.…

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Review: Chasing Paper Cranes by Courtney Peppernell

★★★★½ Chasing Paper Cranes by Courtney Peppernell

Chasing Paper Cranes, by Courtney Peppernell, is an inspirational coming of age novel that teaches an important message: when the world crumbles at your feet, the people who help you rebuild are your true friends.

Layla’s father left when she was a young child, but he left behind a book of Japanese legends.…

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Review: Everybody Cheats by Nina Mancuso ★★★★

Everybody Cheats by Nina MancusoFrom “Othello” to Jackie Collins literature both great and not-so-great has always offered insights into the ups and downs and ins and outs of romantic relationships. This is not exactly a new fascination. But in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, the popular conversation has turned to the subject in a more prosaic way, focusing as much on why we do what we do when relationships don’t suit our needs as how to find the perfect relationship — presumably the one that will keep us at home and in love rather than off giving personal data to dodgy web sites in pursuit of, if not something better, at least something distracting.…

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Review: Detour Paris by Jack Dancer ★★★★★

Detour Paris by Jack DancerDetour Paris, by Jack Dancer, is a laugh-out-loud romance with a dollop of intrigue.

When Tucker Blue meets Monica Reyes there’s a spark. Tucker has recently reentered the dating world and he’s discovering that the life of a mid-life bachelor is equally exciting and complicated.…

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Review: Xodus by K. J. McPike ★★★★★

Xodus by K. J. McPikeXodus, by K. J. McPike, is an action-packed young adult urban fantasy.

Lali Yavari can’t believe something she just witnessed. Was it a dream even though it seemed so real? It had to be a dream, she rationalizes. But when she continues to witness strange events and seeing people disappear, she can no longer deny something strange is going on and it’s not a dream.…

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