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Review: Finding Maslow by Susan Lee Walberg ★★★★

Finding Maslow by Susan Lee WalbergFinding Maslow is a touching literary novel about the lives of people affected by Hurricane Sandy. It centers around Justina, a somewhat-hapless law student and politician’s daughter, who gets trapped in her house with the handyman, Daniel, during the storm. Her home is spared, but the neighborhood is in shambles, and her father doesn’t quite approve of her budding romance with Daniel, who he considers beneath her.…

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Review: Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra Page ★★★★★

Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra PageMelaina could be considered a fairly average woman, all things considered. She’s getting out in the world, she runs her own business as a “dream therapist,” and she gets by… just about. Of course, there is one very particular perk to her vocation: she’s half-Oneiroi; a dream spirit.…

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Review: Killing an Idea: Exhuming Say’s Law by Rand McGreal ★★★★

Killing an Idea: Exhuming Say’ Law (Lost Volume 2) by Rand McGrealIn a chance meeting, crossing between new town and old in the city of Portland, Oregon, economic writer Rand McGreal and French economist Jean Baptiste Say find themselves in commonality. Sitting to discuss their ideas, Say elaborates the ideas that made him notable, all the while answering the challenges and queries of the curious McGreal.…

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Review: Fractured Idols by Kevin Austin ★★★★

Fractured Idols by Kevin AustinFractured Idols, by Kevin Austin, is a bold indictment against the media, banks, religion, the credit crunch in 2008, and the idea of celebrity.

Sebastian Cartwright, an interior designer, lives in London’s super-rich Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. His colleague Magda, a Hungarian émigré, introduces Sebastian to her new friend Madeleine Armitage, a corporate wife.…

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Review: Death by Disputation by Anna Castle ★★★★★

Review: Death by Disputation by Anna Castle 5 starsDeath by Disputation: A Francis Bacon Mystery (Book 2), by Anna Castle, is a clever historical fiction whodunit.

Thomas Clarady is recruited to spy on a radical group of Puritans at Cambridge University in 1587. Francis Bacon is his spymaster. The mission doesn’t start off well.…

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Review: Kai by Derek Vasconi ★★★★★

Kai by Derek VasconiThe disconcerting tale of Kai by Derek Vasconi follows the harbored Satsuki Takamoto, a girl living through a downward spiral of social exclusion, universal envy and ever-deepening depression; in comparison, Seul Bi Rissiello – a resident of Evanston, Illinois – is caring for the mentally ill as she strives for meaning in her life after the brutal loss of her parents in gruesome circumstance.…

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