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Review: A Bus Ride Home by Tidimalo

This debut novel by South African writer Tidimalo is part romance, part chick lit, but takes a unique approach to both genres. The story is framed by a hiking trip, and that trope comes up again and again throughout the novel.…

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Review: I and You by Beverly Garside & Lucas Duimstra

This Ayn Rand-inspired comic book from writer Beverly Garside and illustrator Lucas Duimstra is a refreshing read in my pile of reviews this month.

Drawing on the social theory by novelist Rand of Objectivism, i.e. that the sole purpose of life is to pursue one’s own happiness, and to basically act individually in everything to better oneself (hence the title alluding to the outlawed use of the word “we”), we follow Sara, a young official working for a military sector which monitors activity across the nation via cameras a little like Big Brother’s CCTV style watch.…

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Review: The Devil’s Playground by Cynthia Sens

The Devil’s Playground (Sapphire Staff #1), by Cynthia Sens, is an action-packed novel that’s hard to put down. Mel Taylor was born in 1916. He’s lived through World War I and World War II. Now he’s forty-four years old and the year is 2011.…

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Review: Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captain Coytus by Alex J. Mueck

Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captain Coytus is the latest offering by Alex J. Mueck, an author who has shifted from more serious crime work to achieving more interesting edges in previous book Myth Man and to a much further extent in this new and bizarre title, which explores the story of Jesse James and the “truth” of his story, as ascribed by a delinquent student’s graduate thesis determined to expose this “secret legend” for fame, fortune and girls.…

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Review: My Friend, Freedom By Peter Eliot

My Friend, Freedom is a short story by emerging author Peter Eliot, set in futuristic, Dystopian London, following the life of Yakimoto, a Japanese immigrant, whose life is left in ruin after a failed attempt at blackmail with a shady corporation.…

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Review: Bangalore Baloney by Thomas Itty

Bangalore Baloney written by Thomas Itty is a story that spans several decades and takes place in several countries. At its core, though, the book is the intimate journey of three young men. Given how personal it feels, one gets the feeling that the author lived many of these experiences.…

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Review: Echoes of Paradise by Deanna Kahler

Do you believe in the afterlife? Have you ever felt the presence of a loved one who has died, but couldn’t explain it? Deanna Kahler’s novel, Echoes of Paradise, is fiction. Yet if you are curious about the afterlife you can learn much from this story.…

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Review: The Gate Keeper by Jules Gabriel

The synopsis of The Gate Keeper by Jules Gabriel is intriguing.

I am 16 years old and my name is Phil. In fact feel free to be me. Welcome into my world at high school. Feel the romance and the love I have for Samantha.

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