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Review: Organize This! By Vali G. Heist

Comedian George Carlin pointed out that “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” In recent years it seems that the average American single-family house (a house that has grown from under a thousand square feet in 1950 to over 2000 square feet in recent decades) is no longer big enough keep all that stuff while we are out buying more.…

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Review: Preina by Megan Lane

Preina is the second book in the Cassiea series by Megan Lane. Cassiea, “Cass”, is a woman who doesn’t know a whole lot about herself. This doesn’t mean that she’s going to therapy to discover herself. No, things are that easy for her.…

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Review: The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo By Holy Ghost Writer

Sherlock Holmes is smoking pot with Watson, as they discuss his friend Arthur Conan Doyle. And then Holmes retells the story of The Count Of Monte Cristo.

If this isn’t confusing enough, this classic tale is then ” retold” for a good 30% of the book, with small changes here and there.…

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Review: No Man’s Land: The Beginning (Book One of the Hyde’s Corner Trilogy) by J. B. Bergstad

J. B. Bergstad’s first novel, No Man’s Land, begins in 1947 with Tom Burks, grandson of Selmer Burks, leaving his hometown of Hyde’s Corner, Oklahoma to join the army. Then the story goes back to 1877 and takes up the tale of the settling of a wilderness known as “No Man’s Land,” the founding of the town of Hyde’s Corner, and the trials and tribulations of Selmer Burks—trials and tribulations that lead, inexorably and quite horribly, to the situation in Hyde’s corner in 1947.…

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Review: Border Field Blues By Corey Lynn Fayman

The second book in the Rolly Waters Mystery series, this detective novel by Corey Lynn Fayman sees the detective hired to track down the perpetrators of damage to the protected preserve of least terns at the Mexican border with San Diego, at a time when Border Field State Park separated Mexico from the US with a chain, just by the Tijuana bullring instead of the fortified double wall that now exists.…

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Review: Solar System Blues by Andrew J. Patrick

Solar System Blues by Andrew J. Patrick is an exhilarating read. As Burton and his teenage assistant hurtle through space in search of a habitable planet, the reader is taken along for the ride. The opening pages do not offer many answers or reasons as to why Burton is in space.…

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Review: Between Eden And The Open Road By Philip Gaber

An unusual train of poetry and prose, this stimulating and raw work from Philip Gaber is compelling and almost dangerous to read – dangerous because it touches so many nerves in the reader that it becomes both painful and addictive to carry on.…

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Review : The Art of Forgetting by Peter Palmieri

The Art of Forgetting by Peter Palmieri primarily follows the story of Lloyd Copeland, a charismatic assistant professor spending his days chasing high-class med student flings when he’s not blowing students away in his rare case of successful ‘cool teacher’ lectures.…

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