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Review: A Dragon’s Passion by Sandra Enriquez

A Dragon’s Passion, by Sandra Enriquez, explores the belief that love can conquer all. Annaliessa and Tyson live in the Land of Miradel, home to the Kingdom of Petroset. Both have one thing in common; their fathers didn’t love them.…

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Review: Cuquita: The Alien Miracle Girl by Thomas Matthew

Wilson Weatherford turned down a college football scholarship to marry his high-school sweetheart, Doris, and settle down to a quiet life of farming. However, by the time the Weatherford’s children are grown, the tranquility of the countryside that so appealed to the young Weatherford has been challenged by a local crime syndicate and celebrity-obsessed, materialistic townsfolk.…

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Review: Ballad Of The Nameless Traveler by Tomek Piorkowski

The Nameless Traveler wanders a fantasy world with various exotic kingdoms, just in time to save the day. Written more like the Gospels, as a hearsay remembered, it is a fresh way of tackling the genre of the myth, and you can imagine the story being told around a campfire with exaggerations and embellishments, often added into the verse here.…

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Review: Any Other Night by Anne Pfeffer

Any Other Night is a young adult fiction centered around Ryan Mills, a sixteen year old boy who, on any other night, would have been there for his best friend Michael and driven him to the longed – for Emily’s Sweet Sixteen party at the Breakers Club.…

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Review: Flight Into Darkness by Roger Hardy

What’s more terrifying than al-Qaeda run by Osama bin Laden? A terrorist organization that is organized, well-connected, and has resources.

Roger Hardy’s Flight Into Darkness takes place after bin Laden’s death. When a new hi-tech jet vanishes in the night over the Saudi desert not many people notice.…

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Review: Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy) by A. D. Koboah

A. D. Koboah’s paranormal romance novel, Dark Genesis, introduces readers to Luna, a female slave living in Mississippi during the early 1800s. Koboah’s description of slave life is honest and brutal. Luna’s mother is sold when Luna is only three, leaving other slaves on the plantation to take care of the child.…

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