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Review: Bridget’s Hanging by Sheila Duane


★★★★½ Bridget’s Hanging by Sheila Duane is the author’s presentation of the historical account of the life and times of Bridget Deignan (a.k.a. Durgan or Dergan) who was sentenced to hang in the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1867. An Irish immigrant from a Catholic upbringing ousted from her home at the age of 22, she became a ... Read More »

Review: Leading People Safely by James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow

leading people

★★★★½  If you are interested in learning to better your leadership abilities, utilizing up-to-date safety methods in your working life, and looking to get an edge in your business, then Leading People Safely: How to Win on the Business Battlefield covers all the bases, and then some. James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow introduce us to the world of safe ... Read More »

Review: The Bulls of War (Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones Book 1) by E.M. Thomas


★★★★½ The Bulls of War, the first installment of E.M. Thomas’s sword-wielding epic Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones, follows friends Tyghus and Kyrus The Younger, as they find themselves falling onto the bloody blade of a war of empires and emotions. Vast in its conception, saga-like in its imagining, the dramatic realization of the battle will pull readers into its ... Read More »

Review: CBT Worksheets for Teenage Social Anxiety by Dr. James Manning & Dr. Nicola Ridgeway

CBT Worksheets

★★★★ “CBT” or “cognitive-behavioral therapy” is an action-oriented psychological therapeutic approach that is commonly used in combating anxiety and depression, as well as its many other forms, by slowly working with the individual to learn better coping techniques and to overcome unhealthy or unproductive habits. It is considered highly effective in most cases and has since become one of the ... Read More »

Review: How To Reverse World Recession by Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan


★★★ How To Reverse World Recession by Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan is an ambitious and unique vision of the future. For readers who are experienced or interested in tax law, banking, governmental activities, economics, poverty conditions, and a dozen other major issues affecting the world today, this bold new book from Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan will be nothing short of ... Read More »

Review: Stumbling On A Tale (Time to Time #2) by Suzanne Roche

stumbling lead

★★★★½ It all started with a book. Now three siblings are stuck together, traveling through time, once again…whether they like it or not. Join Peri, Henry, and Max – two siblings and a half, in reverse order – as they make their way from the high spirits and high seas of an immigration ship en route to New York, and ... Read More »

Review: Miss Matched At Midlife by Rebecca Brockway

Rebecca Lead

★★★★★ For women of a certain age the prospect of dating can be social whirl of a nightmare. But when Rebecca Brockway found herself single in her 40s, she documented her next decade of dating experiences in a humorous memoir, “Miss Matched At Midlife” with a positively can-do attitude. After her marriage of 17 years ended with four kids in ... Read More »

Review: SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable by Eli Bloom

SEER lead story

★★★★½ SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable by Eli Bloom is a chilling and thrilling YA novel. With a bold plot line and an unforgettable protagonist, SEER instantly stands out as a paranormal classic. Author Eli Bloom captures youth, innocence and courage within these pages, while brushing on topical subjects that will strike a chord in readers of any age. ... Read More »